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Managed Infrastructure

Managed Infrastructure


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VPLS provides managed infrastructure that helps businesses secure their devices. In this blog, we are focusing how our managed infrastructure specifically helps schools keep their important data safe. We pointed out three types of infrastructure that we manage and that we find important for schools.

Wireless Security

Wireless networks can be easily exploited because they use airwaves for communication and wireless-enabled laptops are everywhere. The common problems of wireless networks that cause them to be so vulnerable are poor or older access point technology, lack of knowledge amongst employees about security precautions, and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. With the increase in use of wireless-enabled devices among employees, confidential data stored on these devices, and ease of engaging in risky wireless behavior, wireless security has become more important.

This can be especially dangerous for schools, as personal devices are using the school’s network and students and teachers might be unaware of the dangers that could arise when they are connected to an unprotected network. Implementing a wireless security system allows the school to discover vulnerabilities, prevent cyber attacks, and assess threats by controlling who gets access to a network.

Specifically valuable for schools, or any large entity, VPLS offers managed wireless security services, 802.1X, which provides network authentication to WIFI and other types of networks. 802.1X makes use of Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), a protocol which expands on authentication methods. 802.1X has high wireless security because EAP requires the user to connect to a wireless network through an access point which then requests identification data from the user and transmits that data to an authentication server. The authentication server communicates with the access point to validate the identification and the user is then able to connect to the network.


VPLS’s DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) services ensures strong user and data security through robust authentication methods which clarify users are who they say they are. MFA uses a combination of passwords and biometrics such as finger scan, face recognition, etc. To address the concern of cybersecurity, many companies are implementing MFA because it is one of the best security measures an organization can implement to protect a business and its users and data. According to MarketsandMarkets, MFA market is expected to reach $12.51 billion by 2022, proving that more and more people are realizing its importance. So, why do schools need MFA? As BYOD is growing in schools, MFA is necessary to provide protection against breaches on these devices and keep students’ and teachers’ information safe.


Firewalls are important to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. This helps keep devices within a school’s network safe from being attacked over the internet and protects confidential information by controlling access to specific websites and blocking malicious users outside of the network. Management of firewall services is very important because it is any businesses’ first line of defense against hackers and other unauthorized external users. VPLS’s FortiGate firewall services filter incoming and outgoing network traffic, allowing authorized information to flow freely between devices, allowing smooth and safe use of network for the school.

VPLS Orange County and Los Angeles County California

Let us help you make your school safe from hackers. Our firewall, network security, and wireless security services will ensure that students’ and faculty’s data are secured. Contact us today for your managed infrastructure needs!

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The Importance of Managed SIEM Security in School Districts

The Importance of Managed SIEM Security in School Districts


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Seim-in-schoolWhen it comes to cyber-security, K-12 school districts have more to lose now than before. In addition to new threats and breaches, cyber-security can also prevent schools from achieving and maintaining unique K-12 requirements, such as FERPA and CIP, which can lead to numerous funding and liability issues in the long run. Educational institutions are especially susceptible to a multitude of cyberattacks. Along with unexpected breaches, overlooked access points in data systems can provide cybercriminals an entry to obtain classified and valuable data.


While onsite Security Analysts can help monitor your school premises, many signs or evidence of cybercrimes remain buried within your extensive data log which can go unnoticed for long periods of time. Inevitably, some attacks will also go undetected due to human oversight. This is why having VPLS Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services at your school environment is extremely crucial to help prevent this form of serious data and revenue loss.

Having Managed SIEM Services by VPLS at your district helps Security Analysts identify any potential attack that may cause immediate damage, calling for a quicker response to take preventative action. Our Managed SIEM services record all security-related activities, such as malware related activity patterns, as well as other suspicious activities, like multiple login attempts, and will alert analysts with a detailed report on the incident, ensuring the right people are aware of what is going on. VPLS Managed SIEM services can also help your K-12 environment be FERPA, CIP, and PCI compliant by backing your school with proper legal and operational specifications. VPLS Managed SIEM Services protect and strengthen any vulnerabilities you have within your data system. Experts at VPLS accomplish this by continuous vulnerability monitoring and regular network vulnerability testing.

Why choose VPLS as your Managed SIEM Service provider?

 VPLS is an AlienVault Gold Managed Service Provider and deploys AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) to protect thousands of endpoints. Our team of experts are highly skilled and experienced in IT Solutions across-the-board to ensure only the most reliable and professional assistance for your environment. Learn more about how schools can benefit from cyber security.

To learn more about our Managed Security Information Event Management, contact VPLS today!

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November and December 2018 Recap Blog

November and December 2018 Recap Blog


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November and December 2018 Recap Blog

During the months of November and December of this past year, VPLS had a plethora of reasons to celebrate; multiple 2018 Employees of the Month and Employees of the Year winners; the surpassing of both their donation goals for their Movember campaign in November and Shoes That Fit campaign in December; the completion of their bi-annual DRaaS testing by the engineering team; and finally, successful catered events and luncheons that were hosted by their very own Sales and Marketing team. These eventful final months at VPLS were a fitting way to end to such a fulfilling year for the team! As usual, VPLS invites their readers to join them as they reflect on moments that made 2018 so special to them…

This past November...

vpls team recap 2018 november

VPLS was Thankful for Team Players: Employee of the Month October 2018!

This past November, VPLS Solutions Marketing Manager Nayra Toledo was named October 2018’s Employee of the Month for her exceptional contributions. On a daily basis, Nayra spearheads of all marketing matters with utmost efficiency and professionalism. She is a mastermind when it comes to throwing and hosting company events and excels in making them memorable for all who attend. She has an eye for detail and a knack for budgeting which makes her a winning combination for the VPLS team all year-round! Congratulations on your achievement, Nayra! The VPLS team appreciates your undeniable expertise in the marketing department!

VPLS was Thankful for Good Causes: VPLS’ Company Movember Block Party Fundraiser!

vpls team block party event

When VPLS heard about the Movember campaign taking place this past November, they were quick to find a way to participate. To raise awareness as well as funds to support this pro men’s health campaign, the team’s marketing department hosted a Movember Block Party at the VPLS headquarters in Orange, California. There, neighboring guests and companies were treated to made-to-order tacos, and all who made donations toward the cause received a stylish VPLS trucker hat as a token of appreciation. Combined with the overall monthly social media marketing effort promoting the cause, over a thousand dollars were raised toward the company’s Movember campaign! The VPLS team blown away by such generosity and was truly grateful to support such a worthy cause!

VPLS was Thankful for Successful Executions: VPLS Completes DraaS Testing for Clients!

vpls team DRaaS testing customers

At VPLS, providing excellent customer care to each of their client is the main priority on a day to day basis, so when it was time for their clients’ second Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) test of the year (which occurred in November), the VPLS team was ready to take action. DRaaS testing requires long hours to execute with meticulous scheduling, constant communicating, and precise calculations all having to be in-sync for it to end well. The goal of DRaaS testing is to ensure that the specific tech environment will be able to survive any disaster scenario that may occur. This is determined through a couple of steps; first, the VPLS team has to verify that the customer’s data is current and operational. Once verified, VPLS would spin up and down the Disaster Recovery (DR) environment and replicate the data to ensure that the data is still usable and accessible. This testing occurs a twice a year, and, if it is not performed properly, could lead to missing servers resulting in data corruption and loss. But, of course being the highly-skilled professionals that the VPLS team strive to be, they were able to successfully execute this complex DRaaS testing without any setbacks, reassuring their customers that they are in good hands with VPLS being their trusted IT service provider.

This past December...

december 2018 vpls employee of year

VPLS Recognized Stellar Performances: Employee of the Month plus Employees of the Year!

At the annual holiday party this past month, VPLS named Help Desk team member Mario Lopez as November 2018 Employee of the Month winner! Mario is the force that drives the VPLS Help Desk team and with his pleasant can-do attitude, Mario always completes urgent assignments in a very timely manner. Mario possesses the skills to properly execute his job and a heart to always help out; he is no doubt a key player at the VPLS company!

In addition to announcing the Novmeber’s Employee of the Month at the holiday party, three team members were also named as winners for 2018 Employees of the Year: VPLS General Manager, Mike Ly, VPLS Network Engineer Bao Nguyen and VPLS Solutions Sales Operations Analyst Kevin Tsai! These fine employees were chosen due to their extraordinary commitment and contributions throughout 2018: Mike is a reliable and encouraging office manager who never fails to support his team members, regardless of his workload; Bao has always been ready to answer any call or schedule meetings at every hour of the day and he goes to great lengths to ensure that his team is set up for success—even when he’s out of office; and Kevin seamlessly filled in important roles within a small time frame and is known to always puts the needs of his team members ahead of his own to maintain the momentum of his team.

A huge congratulations to all award recipients! Thank you for playing a tremendous role in helping the company hit its goals in 2018!

VPLS Spreads Holiday Cheer: The Surpassing of Company Donation Goal for Shoes That Fit!

children shoe drive charity

In keeping with the spirit of giving during the holiday season, the VPLS team set out to meet a goal of 100 pairs of shoe donations to help support the Shoes That Fit campaign, an organization that gives pairs of shoes to kids in need. With the combined effort of the entire team, VPLS was able to beat the 100 pair goal and donated an additional 24 pairs of shoes! VPLS handpicked Shoes That Fit as their annual fundraiser this year after working closely with El Segundo Unified School District and seeing the need in providing proper footwear for kids in nearby communities. The VPLS team is beyond thrilled that they were able to partake on a campaign that truly defines the season of giving back to families in need.

VPLS Delights and Enlightens: Lunch and Learn with StorageCraft!

lunch learn storagecraft vpls event

This past December, VPLS hosted a lunch and learn event with partners StorageCraft to demonstrate their new data protection platform, ShadowXafe, at Del Frisco’s Grill in Irvine, CA. ShadowXafe, the featured product of the event, is a solution designed to monitor and protect data and leverages a user’s converged backup turnkey solution. The engaging live demonstration of this product was presented by StorageCraft’s Lawrence Segovia and Matt Urmston, who expertly walked-through the how-to process with attendees as well as addressed any concern they had. Even though the lunch and learn event took place on the rainiest day of the year, the seats were filled with eager prospects for VPLS. The positive reception of this event helped brightened up the gloomy weather, leaving both partners satisfied and optimistic.

*Bonus* Ain’t No Party like a VPLS Party: VPLS Annual Company Holiday Party!

2018 vpls holiday party

To end the year on a festive and jolly note, the VPLS team hosted their annual Holiday party at classy and elegant Twenty-Eight restaurant in Irvine, CA. Employees and their guests were treated to an upscale meal, festive photo booth, and a company raffle with top-notch prizes. Everyone left the party with something to bring home and there was no shortage of smiles and laughter that evening. During dinner, it was undeniable to all that VPLS was not just another company to work for, but is also a tight-knit family who likes to have fun together as well.

VPLS Orange County and Los Angeles County California

We hope that you enjoyed reading our company highlights for the last two months of 2018 . We will continue to share more of our favorite moments in the months to come, so please stay tuned!

Don’t forget, VPLS can upgrade your business productivity and boost employee collaboration with our Office 365 Migration Services, so contact us today!

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A Technology Partnership You Can Count On: Krypt and Office 365

A Technology Partnership You Can Count On: Krypt and Office 365


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Krypt and Office 365

krypt microsoft office 365 partnership

For just about 20 years now, Krypt has been providing customers all around the globe with superior hosting, built upon the latest technology and rock-solid network infrastructure. More than five million websites are currently being hosted by Krypt servers and infrastructure, with the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. The global Krypt network provides customers with the utmost in connectivity, with optimal routing and peering available to all clients. Now lovers of Microsoft Office 365 can enjoy that kind of connectivity and superior hosting as Microsoft and Krypt have partnered to offer that kind of service to all the customers of the world’s most popular suite of Office products.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Office 365

People who require a great deal of storage capability will benefit tremendously by using Office 365, because a full terabyte of storage will be available to you under the OneDrive cloud storage capability, and you’ll have the added advantage of having your files backed up regularly. You’ll also enjoy connectivity to all the other Office products you’ve come to love over the years, even via your mobile device if you should choose that access method. All the power of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, and other applications will be at your fingertips, ready to tackle whatever your next big project is that might require Office applications.

If you own a desktop as well as a tablet, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can install Office on as many as five different devices, under the terms of your agreement. You’ll never have to worry about scaling up if your business experiences a sudden surge in popularity, because cloud storage can easily accommodate that business expansion, with no intervention on your part. If more and different devices come into the picture, they can also be managed without any additional effort on your part, since it’s all part of your subscription agreement.

Krypt Security for Office 365

These days, everyone who logs on to the Internet needs to be concerned about security, because hackers simply do not rest – malware, ransomware, and viruses abound on the worldwide web, and that will probably never change. What does change though, is the focus of hackers’ attempts to penetrate networks and businesses for their own malicious intent and profitability. Krypt provides state-of-the-art security for all its servers and network infrastructure, so as to discourage even the most determined attempts from cyber criminals.

This means you can rest easy, knowing that all your important business documents are safeguarded and will not be compromised by cyber attack. Because you’ll have the capability of backing up all your files to a secondary data center, you can be sure that business-critical documents will never be lost or corrupted. And all the while that you’re working with your important business documents, you can count on blazing-fast access, because of Krypt’s unique flash caching technology and redundant SAN storage arrays.

Why Choose Krypt as Your Office 365 Provider?

It makes perfect sense to marry the benefits of the world’s most popular Office Suite of productivity software to the best hosting site on the Internet. The combined benefits of superb office productivity and powerful Internet infrastructure provides users with literally the best of both worlds, so you can also experience the benefits of speed and security when using your favorite Office products. If it isn’t a match made in Heaven – it’s pretty darn close!

Contact Krypt today to learn more about their Office 365 services!

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