Public Sector

We understand that hosting your own infrastructure can be expensive, time-consuming, and resource-intensive which is why we have developed a unique IT solutions for the public sector.

Scalable, secure, hybrid IT solutions

A combination of public and private cloud is demanded by the public sectors ever-growing data workloads.

At VPLS, we provide the assistance you need whether it is the provisioning of bare metal to your established infrastructure or providing a secure and reliable direct connection to the public cloud with our Cloud Hop ™ service or transferring your data out of the cloud with our migration services.

Why public sectors partner with VPLS

Together with VPLS, you will have all the resources available to build the best possible hybrid cloud solution for your business, utilizing the multi-cloud infrastructure of large cloud providers for elastic workloads while reserving essential and sustained workloads for a dedicated private cloud network or dedicated server.

View some of our popular services:

How we've partnered successfully with other firms

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