VPLS is beyond excited and grateful to be awarded as an honoree on the Orange County Register’s Top Workplaces 2019! Of all the honors VPLS has received, this is the one I’m most proud of. Read more

Evocative Acquires VPLS, Inc. and VPLS Solutions

Los Angeles, CA, November 14, 2019 – Evocative Data Centers (“Evocative”), a leading provider of Internet infrastructure, colocation, hosting, and managed services, announced today that it has acquired VPLS, Inc. and VPLS Solutions, LLC to form one of the fastest growing cloud, managed services, colocation and value added resellers in the United States. The combined company will have 18 global data centers, 143 full time employees, 7,340 active clients and 68,750 servers under management. The companies will consolidate under the company name VPLS. Read more

Krypt Presents: VMware vs. KVM

When you’re talking about virtualization platforms, there are a number of choices you have, either from established vendors, or from open-source alternatives. VMware is one of the most popular choices for virtualization, because it offers the ESXi hypervisor along with the vSphere virtualization platform. Since the hypervisor provides the main part of any foundation for virtualization platforms, it needs to be considered very carefully when you’re thinking about virtualization. One of the most popular open-source options is the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), which is one of the essential components of Linux. Below you’ll find a description of these two alternatives, and it may help you to come to a decision on which one of them best suits your circumstances. Read more

Krypt’s September Specialty: 100-TB Promo!

100-Terabyte September Promotions from Krypt!

Krypt has grown from a small web hosting provider in 1998, centered in Newport Beach, CA, to a mega-provider of hosting services today, all around the globe. How did that kind of growth and international acclaim come to be? There really isn’t any mystery to it, because ever since our founding, we have been a company dedicated to providing the very best service to clients, using the fastest and most reliable equipment in the business. When businesses are searching for a web host provider, that’s exactly what they seek – maximum speed of data transfers, and near 100% uptime. Read more

Disaster Recovery: How Will Your Business Recover After a Natural Disaster?

Hurricane Dorian has tragically hit the East Coast with winds stronger than 60 mph plus tons of rainfall; a recipe for absolute destruction! The fate of homes and businesses alike is uncertain. Read more