Enterprise IT depends on reliable access to critical infrastructure. Sometimes, that requires more than just your in-house server room.

Reliable, secure, and cost-effective enterprise solutions

VPLS offers dedicated built-to-suit infrastructure anywhere from cabinets to cages and even entire private suites to enterprises. Our carrier-neutral network allows you to effortlessly connect to your provider of choice while our robust, low-latency fiber network can transport large data loads from data center to the cloud or your office at speeds of 50Mbps-100Gbps.

Need to connect to the cloud? VPLS provides reliable and secure cloud on-ramps to all the major cloud service providers. If you’re interested in transferring your data out of the cloud, VPLS provides seamless data migration out of the cloud into your private infrastructure.

Why enterpirses partner with VPLS

VPLS highly experienced team of IT professional can efficiently asses your workloads and environments to custom craft a solution for your business.

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How we've partnered successfully with other firms

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