IP Transit

With Multihomed, BGP Blended Internet access delivered over your required medium. Whether it’s in one of our data centers, to another data center, or delivered to your office, our IP Transit Service includes an ample allotment of IP Addresses to fit your needs. We provide the bandwidth you need for your workloads and demands.

Effortlessly connect with VPLS' highly accessible IP Transit service

Remove the delays in delivery of services, as well as the customer service troubles that you would experience from the larger telecom companies, and experience the speed and reliability of our quality blended internet bandwidth.

Scalable Bandwidth

Buy as much as you need, when you need it.

Reduced Latency

Reliable Internet with faster throughputs.

Faster Internet

High-speed internet 50 Mbps -100 Gbps.

Network Security

Managed security services are available.

Live Support

Live 24/7/365 support with one of our technical experts.

Layer 1 Services

Fully-managed routers, switches, and firewalls.
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