Managed Network

The most reliable and cost-effective way to proactively manage your network is by outsourcing these tasks to a team of trained and dedicated IT experts. At VPLS, we provide complete Managed Network solutions covering your cloud infrastructure all the way down to your on-prem network routers, switches, and APs.

Ensure peak performance and security with VPLS' Managed Network service

Does your IT staff have the expertise and, equally as important, the time to dedicate to managing the entire network infrastructure? Many IT departments start out with good intentions, but often managing the network becomes reactive rather than proactive, leaving equipment running old, vulnerable firmware, non-standardized configuration, and more, ultimately leading to outages and security incidents.

With a managed network from VPLS, you will ensure that your equipment is always:

24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, and incident response

VPLS’ Managed Network service comes with 24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, and incident response by our in-house NOC/SOC staffed with certified experts. Our trained professionals will have visibility into your network via real-time status monitoring and up-to-the-second logs, which will allow them to easily identify and correct any issues that occur within a guaranteed SLA. All activity will be tracked and reported to you through our ticketing system.

Completing the package with Managed Firewall

In conjunction with Managed Network, VPLS also offers a Managed Security service. Combining these two offerings allows our customers to rest easy knowing their network & network security are under diligent watch by certified VPLS NOC/SOC professionals, so they can focus on their core business instead.
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