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As an introduction to our new Veeam licensing service,
we're offering free setup and configuration of
Veeam Backup and Replication server and testing.

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VPLS Ranked #110
on MSP Mentor list

Veeam Cloud Connect

VPLS delivers cost effective offsite backup and
data protection services to customers that utilize
Veeam software on-premise.

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Enterprise Cloud ServicesEnterprise Cloud ServicesEnterprise Cloud Services

Enterprise Cloud Services

Full visibility and managed services powered by VPLS vTAC

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Backup and Replication

Protect your Virtual Machines and reduce
recovery time to minutes!

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Backup and ReplicationVPLS Backup and ReplicationVPLS Backup and ReplicationVPLS Backup and Replication



VPLS is here to assist you with all Disaster Recovery Service Solution needs.

» VPLS utilizes industry leading technologies to provide you with comprehensive Cloud Backup and Data Recovery Solutions to meet the agility and demands of any business.



VPLS provides scalable and resilient cloud services powered by VMware.

» As a globally recognized VMware vCloud Powered Enterprise Service Provider, we merge best in class software, hardware and 24×7 support services to deliver you an agile, highly robust Cloud for Private, Public and Hybrid consumption models.



VPLS helps your business achieve high bandwidth connectivity for cloud services.

» VPLS offers Metro Ethernet services with Layer 3 IP Transit services to a variety of upstream partners and over 100 peering points. Our network is built for low latency, high throughput global content delivery with over 200Gbps of capacity.


Truths and Misconceptions of Cyber Security

THE BASICS OF CYBER SECURITY Afraid that your social media accounts, like Facebook or Instagram, might be held hostage by a hacker? Not to worry! VPLS explains how to protect yourself from cyber attacks and hackers. STEALING YOUR PRIVATE…
VPLS Managed Service Provider of Orange County and Los Angeles County

The Art of Being a Father

What’s the most memorable moment you’ve experienced as a father? Being a father is the most important role a person can ever play. The journey is long and far from easy. Yet, through life’s highs and lows, fathers continuously grow alongside…
VPLS Nayra Toledo and Winnie

Thank You for Attending the VPLS Premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story

‘I’m going to be a pilot. The best in the galaxy.’   Last week, the VPLS and VPLS Solutions teams were proud to sponsor another fantastic movie premiere: Solo: A Star Wars Story. We're happy to announce the movie premiere was a great…
VPLS Cloud and Backup Services for Orange County and Los Angeles County

The Importance of Properly Backing Up Your Office 365 Data

IS YOUR DATA PROTECTED?   Fact: Over 50% of data loss is due to users accidentally (or maliciously) deleting essential data. Over the past year, we've seen a great number of businesses switch over to Microsoft Office 365. Afterall, the…
VPLS and Drone in Orange County California Event

A Millennium Falcon Story: Cybersecurity and Drones

  May Cybersecurity Be With You... With the VPLS Premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story fast approaching, there is much hype about finally knowing the origin of Han Solo’s friendship with Lando Calrissian, as well as his companionship with…

VPLS Premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story

A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES  Join us and many other tech professionals for the movie-watching premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story! Thanks to an incredible turn out at the last VPLS Premiere for Avengers: Infinity War, we happily announce yet another…


VPLS helps businesses that are looking for Disaster Recovery Solutions or creating and executing a Disaster Recovery Plan in the Cloud with Cloud Replication services with Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) in seconds!
VPLS utilizes Zerto along with VMware Cloud hosting services or Microsoft Hyper-V to deliver exceptionally fast recovery at cost effective rates so that customers have peace of mind knowing their data is safe.

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Veeam is the leader in Virtualization backup that supports VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors. As a Veeam Gold Cloud & Service Provider, VPLS helps customers retain an offsite backup copy of their data to meet industry best practices for backups through Veeam Cloud Connect.
VPLS can also extend the retention and archive capabilities of your backups so that you can save precious and expensive on-premise storage.

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Choose from a variety of options to customize to your business needs.


Our cloud and dedicated bare metal server hosting brand has been servicing customers since 1998 which embodies our core values of providing superior hosting services at affordable prices for consumers around the world.

Krypt company


If you’re looking for fast and powerful dedicated servers with unlimited bandwidth head over to our hosting brand for unparalleled speeds and superior services built on top of the VPLS network.

HiDef Servers


VPLS Solutions is a premier technology solutions provider and systems integrator that leverages all the components that our Cloud and network are built upon. Let our solutions experts take your business to the cloud.

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VPLS Thailand offers technology consulting, managed services, web design and programming expertise as well as Cloud Hosted products such as CloudMail, Cloud Servers, and Backup solutions that service Southeast Asia.

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