Network Services

From the data center to the cloud to the on-premise network, VPLS offers a full suite of networking services to provide the connectivity you need while ensuring that it is always secure, fast, and reliable.

Diverse interconnection options for today’s distributed, hybrid IT

Business in today’s distributed world demands secure, fast, reliable, and adaptive network infrastructure, and VPLS has built a global IP network from the ground up to address these demands. The VPLS network, which forms the fabric of the VPLS Cloud, is proven secure (HIPAA, IDS, ISAE, SSAE, SOC2 and PCI DSS compliant) while remaining both high performance and highly available. This is made possible because the VPLS network connects to multiple Tier 1 networks to form our backbone. In addition, VPLS has extensive peering across many locations around the globe to provide low latency connectivity as close to our customers’ end users as possible.

VPLS has significant transport capacity between data centers and Points of Presence (POPs), and in conjunction with partners, VPLS can offer IP Transit, Ethernet Transport, and last-mile services to your business in just about any location. VPLS can also offer direct connectivity to public cloud services, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud (GCP), from any of our data centers, as well as from customer on-prem locations that are on-net with any existing service provider.

IP Transit

VPLS provides fast, cost-effective Internet connectivity to any of our data centers or delivered straight to your office

Ethernet Transport

VPLS offers transport options to interconnect your business within the data center, between facilities, or across town.

DDOS Protection

DDoS Protection ensures your critical applications will not be subject to unnecessary downtime or latency from today’s denial of service attacks.

Points of Presence

VPLS operates over 40 Points of Presence in geographically diverse markets across the globe. See our full map.

Network Partners

VPLS’s carrier-neutral network allows you to connect directly to more than 140 different carriers.

The VPLS Network Team that supports our network is a highly certified, seasoned group of engineers with many years of experience designing, architecting, operating, and maintaining service provider networks. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the network is monitored and proactively responded to 24x7x365, which guarantees that SLAs are not only met, but exceeded.

Our Network Management Services at A Glance

IP Transit: VPLS is a game-changer for any company that needs quick, reliable access to the internet without lags or crashes. We don’t just provide it, we deliver world-class support service for your office or data center and allow you total control over how many devices connect at one time. Who hasn’t experienced headaches when working for one of these big telecom companies?

Skipping the long service delivery times and bad customer service by choosing VPLS to handle your internet delivery and connectivity needs is a game-changer. Our fast, fault-tolerant connection quickly provides your business with a high-quality internet experience in an affordable package. Skip the hassles that come from delays and poor performance by joining us on our reliable data networks today!

Ethernet Transport: VPLS offers a variety of tailored transport options for connecting your business within the data center, between facilities, or across town. Our ethernet transport services are a valuable (and popular) part of our larger network security management ecosystem. Our big features in this space are cross-connects and inter-site connectivity.

With inter-site connectivity, you can extend your network between locations or have the on-premise router send data directly to a remote location. With cross-connects, we establish a physical connection between two points within the same data center. By connecting these direct links, we provide fast and highly reliable connections that can span long distances in order to connect you to another needed/relevant entity.

DDOS Protection: DDoS protection keeps your critical applications up and running, so you can focus on what really matters. Dedicated denial of service attacks are becoming more frequent than they were in years past, with many businesses suffering from intermittent downtime or latency.

As businesses struggle to protect themselves against these increasingly sophisticated assaults, it’s important to employ proactive network security management to prevent any damage. The best choice for any company looking into DDoS solutions is VPLS. We have unique solutions for any sized business at scale, and 24/7 customer support to make sure things run smoothly.

Points of Presence: VPLS offers a diverse selection of 40 points of presence from around the world, spanning multiple markets and wide variety of service demands. With POPs in 10 countries spread over three continents, VPLS is truly the global leader when it comes to point of presence network security management.

Network Partners: Join the VPLS family to experience faster speeds with more carriers. We are a carrier-neutral network that partners with 140 different telecom carriers all over the world. This means that instead of just being tethered to one choice, you have an incredible number of options no matter where you’re located.

Large nationwide providers may experience a lack of (or an insufficient number of) network densities (ND) around certain key markets/metropolitan areas. This can create a variety of challenges when it comes time for them to connect directly into homes. VPLS’s broad and diverse network of partners ensures that you get the best speeds, best security, and best local options without suffering the inefficiencies of a poor network service.

The Best Network Services from VPLS

Whether you’re looking to partner with a service provider for the first time, or are ready to expand your current relationship, we can help. Our VPLS team is dedicated to providing exemplary customer service at each step of the process and will do what it takes to exceed expectations. Don’t wait another day to find the right network solution for your business. Schedule a discovery call by writing to us here, or call us via telephone at (888) 365-2656.

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