Effective telecom IT solutions and hosting services require reliable access to critical infrastructure and robust network connectivity to succeed.

Reduce latency and increase network efficiency

At VPLS, we are equipped with the solutions that will help you reach your goals. We have facilities in close proximity to hundreds of carriers. VPLS can help with dark fiber connections, cross-connects, and even site nodes for carriers who need direct access to our facilities in order to service their customers more efficiently. Whatever the challenge, VPLS is committed to finding a solution for your hosting services and other telecom IT needs.

Our facilities reside in close proximity to hundreds of carriers. Whether you need an in house cross-connect, dark fiber connection to another facility, or a lit service to carriers point-of-presence. Our low latency solutions are flexible enough to meet your requirements. 

Why telecom providers partner with VPLS

VPLS’s carrier-neutral network allows you to connect directly to more than 140 different carriers, or leverage a multi-homed blended bandwidth solution, to secure the best and most cost-effective network solution.

View some of our popular services:

How we've partnered successfully with other firms

Bloom Host
Case Study

Case Study: Bloom Host

A provider of dedicated virtual private servers for gaming, Bloom Host was seeing unreliable service from its colocation provider. The Bloom Host team turned to VPLS for better colocation services and customer support.

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Applying AI to Cybersecurity Banner 1200x628

Applying AI to Cybersecurity Beyond the Hype

Assessing the true value of AI to your cybersecurity operations requires cutting through the hype and ambiguity. In this eBook, you’ll learn about the key considerations for applying AI technologies to your organization.

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Veeam Beat Ransomware Banner 1200x628

Beat Ransomware

With organizations growing their digital presence, a ransomware defense strategy is critical. In this report by Veeam, learn how your organization can properly plan a strategy against ransomware.

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City of Beaumont
Case Study

Case Study: City of Beaumont

The City of Beaumont, California’s third fastest-growing city, partnered with VPLS for a city-wide network refresh project in support of their CJIS compliance.

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