Data Centers

At VPLS we understand the value of selecting the right location which is why all VPLS Data Centers are uniquely situated in the heart of technology hubs around the world.

World Class Internet Data Centers

Our data center facilities are located in key global markets that serve over 75 Fortune 500 companies. Our bi-coastal presence not only offers geographic redundancy for ideal latency optimization, but they are also home to the largest fiber cable landings on the western and eastern seaboards that connect to Asia and Europe. Our data centers are all carrier neutral, each with top tier providers and exchange points.

World Class Infrastructure

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All VPLS data centers are maintained by specialized facility providers. They all have numerous diverse path fiber links, dedicated generators, power feeds, and battery UPS backup and are managed by experienced staff and built with industry leading equipment. All VPLS facilities are also manned 24×7 with VPLS employees. As a result of expertise and quality, our data centers safeguard performance, security, reliability, and offer peace of mind for all our customers.

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