Managed DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection from VPLS ensures your critical applications will not be subject to unnecessary downtime or latency from today’s ever-evolving list of denial of service attacks.

Safeguard applications with DDoS Protection from VPLS

Investing in high-performance IP Transit and Ethernet Transport services is the first step to ensuring your business applications can provide the best experience for your users. However, without DDoS Protection, your applications are still at risk from unnecessary latency or, even worse, downtime caused by a distributed denial-of-service attack.

Powerful Security Without Compromising Performance

DDoS Protection from VPLS equips your applications and services with a sophisticated set of defenses against both known and zero-day DDoS attacks. Whether these attacks occur at the network, transport, or application layer, our DDoS Protection service will identify the attack and ensure that malicious traffic is dropped, while letting legitimate traffic pass through undisturbed. Our DDoS Protection service is very low latency, enabling DDoS Protection to be added to even your business’ most mission-critical applications without a degradation in performance.

On-Demand or Always-On Deployment

For a variety of reasons, DDoS attacks target some businesses more than others. With DDoS Protection from VPLS, you have the flexibility to choose an on-demand deployment or an always-on deployment. With on-demand, DDoS Protection will be on standby, ready to be deployed if/when an attack begins. If your business would rather be proactive rather than reactive, an always-on deployment will always be enabled and protecting your applications the moment an attack occurs.

Managed Protection by VPLS

Mitigating a DDoS attack can be a high-pressure situation, and not having proper staff and procedures in place can mean unnecessary latency or downtime for your business. DDoS Protection from VPLS comes with expert support from our in-house NOC, who are always just a simple phone call or email away. Whether an on-demand or always-on deployment, our team will support you through any DDoS attack, proactively monitoring your connection 24x7x365 for anomalies and responding promptly within a guaranteed SLA.

Key Features

Cutting-Edge Security

DDoS Protection against known and zero-day threats at the network, transport, and application layer

Fast & Low Latency

Low-latency DDoS Protection at speeds up to 10 Gbps

On-Demand or Always-On Deployment

Flexible DDoS Protection deployment to meet the needs of your business 

Managed Protection

Live 24x7x365 DDoS mitigation support with VPLS in-house network experts

Ensure your critical applications will not be subject to unnecessary downtime or latency with DDoS Protection from VPLS. Contact us today for a quote!

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