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A few months ago, reputable cloud hosting company, Krypt launched a new product that has been making major waves since its release date. ION by Krypt, the newest addition to the Krypt product line, is a monthly subscription that allows end users to have full control of their cloud server. It was created with end users in mind with adjustable features and settings that can be reset with a click of a button.

The best part of ION by Krypt is that much of it is automated. There is no wait time on matters that would normally have to be manually taken care of on the backend, such as network access and rebooting. Users have the ability to resolve these matters themselves. ION by Krypt simplifies cloud hosting for users across the board.

The KVM Difference

One of the key components that separates ION by Krypt from other brands is the use of Kernel Based Virtual Machines (KVM) to switch to back its cloud servers. KVM is an affordable open source solution that allows users to build their hosting sites with more potential and enabling them to customize as well as make on-the-spot adjustments. Additionally, with ION by Krypt’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) access point, your server is guaranteed to be private and secured, protecting you from any intrusion and ensuring you peace of mind when you store or access your data on your cloud server.

High Demand for ION by Krypt

The inspiration behind ION by Krypt was to better cater to the needs of their growing customer base in all areas of cloud hosting. During the promo launch in August of 2019, ION by Krypt sold 100 servers in just 15 minutes, further establishing the brand to be in-demand as well as reputable.

A notable add-on that is coming soon are ready-to-use templates that will provide users a base to build their hosting sites on. ION by Krypt also has a customer referral program that is easy to use and allows users to acquire and attain rewards with Krypt.

With simplicity paired with efficiency, ION by Krypt is a winning combination for all users alike. It is expertly designed to deliver fool-proof cloud hosting at affordable pricing without compromising any of what Krypt is known for and stands for.

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