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Why should you choose Krypt as your server host?

Since our founding in 1998, Krypt has soared into prominence as the dedicated server and hosting division of VPLS, Inc., and currently hosts more than five million websites, as well as 500,000 IPv4 web addresses. And now until the end of February, Krypt is offering its top-rated dedicated servers at a special discounted price! Read on to find out more details about this exclusive offer!

About Our Dedicated Servers

Krypt provides state-of-the-art dedicated servers to our clients, which can be self-managed, and which come equipped with a whole host of powerful features that bring added value to clients. All these servers are manufactured by Intel, the gold standard of servers, and we offer services on a wide range of servers, starting with 8GB of RAM, 500GB of storage, and 10TB of bandwidth. For clients with more robust requirements, we can go all the way up to 128GB of RAM, 240GB of storage, and 10TB of bandwidth. In between these low and high end servers, we offer a great many other options for all those customers who fall somewhere in between, in their computing needs.

Bare Metal Servers

If you’re interested in renting a high-powered server for your exclusive use, we can provide you with a number of different bare-metal server models, along with the assurance that you will be the only client using them. You can choose from processors such as the low-power Atom server to the super-efficient quad-core Xeon processors. You’ll enjoy dedicated resources like CPU, memory, bandwidth, and storage, with total administrator access, and you can also choose from one of three levels of managed services. Any of our supported operating systems can be deployed onto your bare metal server in a matter of minutes, and you can re-deploy as often as needed.

Special Promotion

Since January 15th, and continuing on through February 28th, Krypt is offering a very special promotion on its dedicated servers. Called the ‘Chinese New Year Promotion’, it allows you to subtract 30% of the normal cost of a dedicated server. All you have to do when contacting us is mention the coupon code of C97N19KT, and you’ll be entitled to this very significant discount off the normal price. This promotion is extended to include all upgrades and add-ons, and pre-payment discounts can also be used until the end of February. The end of the month will be coming up fast, so act now to take advantage of the savings you can achieve while this special promotion remains in effect and contact us today!

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