VPLS Private Cloud Provides Stability and Elasticity for CDS’s Growing Business Model


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CDS partnered with VPLS to migrate their existing hosting infrastructure to a private cloud model capable of supporting the growing workload demands of their CollectOne software. Using the VPLS Private Cloud, CDS has a scalable, elastic, and efficient hosting solution.

CDS’s Dilemma

CDS previously hosted on local servers that lack the agility and flexibility to scale their growing business model. CDS requires infrastructure that scales on-demand to support the demands of their growing workloads, rather than additional costly physical servers. CDS physical servers would still leave CDS on older, slower hardware incapable of providing needed computing power.

VPLS’s Solution

Creating a stable environment that has the agility and flexibility to handle the growing business demands of CDS is essential. By migrating CDS’ workloads to the VPLS Private Cloud, VPLS provides CDS a responsive and scalable solution capable of meeting their rapidly growing IT loads in a dedicated virtual environment.

The VPLS Private Cloud is elastic, which means additional computing resources are provided when workloads increase. The VPLS private cloud allocates any necessary memory, CPU or storage required by increasing workloads instead of adding more physical servers. In the event CDS’s workload decreases, VPLS can also scale down capacity, saving CDS future cloud costs.

The End Result: Environment Stability

The VPLS Private Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service model uses newer technology, supporting faster computing that scales more efficiently. In addition to providing CDS with an elastic hosting solution, VPLS provides peace of mind to the customers using the CollectOne software by delivering our SOC2/HIPAA audit reports to them on an annual basis.

The stability provided by the VPLS network makes it easier for CDS’ clients and agencies to utilize and trust the CollectOne software.

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