Bloom Host Switches to VPLS for Reliable Colocation Services and Responsive Customer Support


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Bloom Host is a provider of dedicated Minecraft hosting and dedicated virtual private servers for gaming. Its mission is to deliver high-performance game hosting to both gamers and non-gamers at an affordable and sustainable price.

When Bloom Hosts’s colocation provider started having repeated service issues, the Bloom Host team knew they needed something different if they were to deliver the service they promised to their customers. After consulting with a broker, Bloom Host was referred to VPLS to address their colocation needs.

The Decision to Switch

Prior to working with VPLS, Bloom Host’s previous colocation provider had service issues, spotty connectivity, multiple outages, and poor customer service. Eventually, their provider tried fixing these issues, but after two months, Bloom Host had seen little to no change in the quality of their service.

After meeting with VPLS, Bloom Host had a clear choice for their next colocation service provider. VPLS approached with very straightforward, low-pressure communication and competitive pricing. Bloom Host knew it was time for a change.

The VPLS Difference: Quality Service and Support

VPLS provided Bloom Host with turnkey colocation. Bloom Host took care of the migration while VPLS provided the cabinets and assisted with the network configuration. The two teams were in constant communication throughout the process and completed the project by working together.

“Jay [Smith] and his team were amazing; it was clear that customer service and customer experience were at the top of his team’s core values,” states Abigail Evans, Founder of Bloom Host. “From the start, there was full transparency. Jay introduced me to his team, and they were communicative and hands-on throughout the entire process. As a result, VPLS set a new standard for quality of service and I look forward to our ongoing relationship.”

Jay Smith, VP and General Manager of Data Centers at VPLS, adds, “Bloom Host has been a pleasure to work with. Our team continuously provides the level of service needed for companies like Bloom Host to serve their clients effectively. We strive to put our customers first so we can make their experience with us as comfortable as possible.”

Since working with VPLS, Bloom Host has seen a significant improvement in their service with high-speed bandwidth, no outages, and a responsive support team.

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