Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) 5.0 Released!

Zerto has announced the release of ZVR 5.0 today with some new and exciting features that enhances the product and solidifies their position as the leader in Cloud replication. Some new and exciting features include:

One-To-Many Replication

  • This feature allows you to replicate to multiple onsite or Cloud targets by placing VM’s into multiple Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs)
  • Each VPG can have it’s own SLA and journal retention policy. For example you can increase retention to a Cloud target like VPLS and reduce storage footprint on-premise
  • Protect individual VM’s from remote site back to HQ

Zerto Mobile

  • This is an Android and iOS application that allows you to monitor your Zerto Virtual Manager (ZVM) and VPGs with alerts of tasks that are currently running from anywhere in real time
  • All traffic is encrypted utilizing Zerto’s cloud service

30 Day Journal History

  • The existing 14-day journal setting has been extended to 30 days
  • Compression can be enabled on a per-VPG basis

Improved Synchronization

  • ZVR 5.0 includes improvements to the replication engine for parallel synchronization operations within each disk
  • up to 50% faster synchronization times for initial syncs

Contact VPLS today to learn more about protecting your servers with Zerto and VPLS Cloud Replication!

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