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There is no content management system (CMS) that is more popular world-wide than WordPress (WP), which means that there are countless websites powered by WordPress. At Krypt, we recognized that fact several years ago, and geared our hosting service toward providing the best hosting for WordPress websites, so as to accommodate a large number of site owners.

We therefore have a big commitment to WordPress, and to all our clients who have their websites configured via the WP software. When you’re looking for a host provider for your WordPress website, we hope you’ll think of Krypt first, and here’s why…

Why Choose Krypt?

Sure, there are other providers whom you might choose to host your WordPress site, and there are more than a few of them who might be able to provide decent value for what they charge – but we feel that Krypt is your very best choice, for several reasons.

Security: We offer the best security of any host provider, delivering top-notch security at an enterprise level. Our Veeam and Zerto cybersecurity services are second to none, and help us to safeguard all your sensitive company data, better than anyone else.

Performance: If performance is what appeals to you most, you’ll love our blazing-fast solid state drives (SSD’s), which will accomplish data retrieval and page loading, faster than practically any other hardware in the business. Time is everything, and when your business doesn’t have to waste time on load speeds or data retrieval, you can operate as quickly as you can think about an idea, and your customers will be thrilled with the rapid response times whenever they’re trying to access information from you.

Support: When you need us, we will be there. We offer several different avenues by which we can be reached – you can make use of our advanced ticketing system, email, live chat, or phone call. Regardless of which method you use to contact us, you can rest assured that you’ll get a fast response, and we always do our best to solve your issue in the shortest time frame possible.

More Reasons to Love Krypt

Even if you can get an acceptable level of service for security, performance, and support, you might not find another provider who can deliver all the same services and perks which Krypt is able to provide. We also offer all of the following services which you can take advantage of:

  1. Cloning – whenever you need an instance cloned for development, we can handle that for you
  2. Backups – we provide extensive backup services, so you’ll always have a current copy of your important data
  3. SSL certificate – a free SSL certificate is available for your site, so your transactions can be secure, and your search ranking can improve
  4. Patching service – we can automatically apply all the latest patches and plug-ins for you, if you so desire
  5. Analytics – we make Google Analytics available to you, so you can monitor users’ behaviors on your webpage
  6. Select PHP versions – all our clients have the option of choosing their preferred PHP version on a WordPress site
  7. Easy migration – your entire website can be migrated easily on to Krypt servers, making startup a breeze
  8. Access to FTP – clients can use file transfer protocol for easy uploading and downloading of data.

To learn more about how Krypt can help your business as a host provider for your WP website, visit us at or contact us directly at .

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