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Tidy up your serverRecently, Netflix released an on-trend, reality television series called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo with a premise built on how Organizing Consultant, Marie Kondo, helps American families declutter and reorganize their household. Each episode follows Kondo as she addresses and resolves each family’s unique organizational needs using hands-on methods to tidy up their space as well as provide tips to help maintain it. Our office decided to create our own version…
\For those who are not familiar with the Netflix series, Kondo has developed her own organizing technique, known as the KonMari, in which she diligently performs whenever she tidies up. The steps are as follows: She first separates items into different categories – clothing, books, paper, Komono (kitchen, bathroom, garage and miscellaneous), and sentimental items. Then, she goes through each item individually and evaluates them by bringing the item close to her and asking herself how she feels about it–whether the item “sparks joy” for her or not, as she would only keep those that “sparks joy”.
Taka Masuda

Inspired by the hit Netflix series, VPLS has put together a vlog of our own to help your business tidy up your server room. In our version of Tidying Up, instead of decluttering homes, we are decluttering servers. Additionally, as opposed to Marie Kondo being your knowledgeable guide, we have VPLS’ own Vice President of Network Engineering, Taka Masuda, walking you through his organizing process, cleverly named as the MasTaka technique, to help “spark joy” in your server room. Taka has been an engineer for VPLS for almost 13 years and has perfected his art of keeping servers organized. In our vlog, Tidying Up with Taka Masuda, watch how Taka tidies up the server room in order to have your business ready to switch over to the cloud.

To learn more about how VPLS’s professional services can help keep your business organized, contact us today!

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