Krypt Takes LA: Why Krypt is the Data Center for the City of Los Angeles


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Find out why 75 of the Fortune 500 companies have chosen VPLS hosting brand, Krypt, to host their data centers...

Los Angeles Data Center

When you allocate your data center needs to Krypt, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is 100% secure, that it will always be online and accessible, and that it will be traveling over state-of-the-art communications links at all times. This is especially true of the Los Angleles Data Center, which is actually comprised of three distinct locations, at 1 Wilshire Boulevard, 600 West Seventh Street, and 2260 East El Segundo. There are several very important reasons that you should choose Krypt as your data center of choice, and if your company is situated anywhere around the Los Angeles region, there are some additional reasons why the Los Angeles KRYPT data center should be at the top of your list.


When your data is inaccessible, due to down time or some kind of emergency, that probably means lost revenue for your business. Most businesses have to be online and available 24×7 to satisfy customer demand, and to keep the business operating smoothly. The Krypt facilities at Los Angeles are equipped with N+1 and redundant AC/DC UPS power supplies, which will keep power supplied to the facility in the event of any kind of local power outage. In the event of an individual server failure, a mirrored redundant unit is immediately brought online, so there is no loss of service.


The Krypt facilities themselves are secured with CCTV and card access control, so as to ensure that only certified personnel can enter the facilities. In addition, mantraps are used to make doubly sure that no unauthorized access can occur, even if a criminal tried to piggyback in by following an authorized user. The servers are secured 24×7 by these authorized personnel with biometric access, and monitoring of all servers proceeds around the clock. All possible measures are taken to ensure that the very latest updates are always applied to software and hardware to prevent any data breach by hackers and criminal-minded persons. The most sophisticated security processes are in place to protect all endpoints in direct contact with the Internet.


Whatever kind of data center hosting you might need, the Los Angleles Krypt facilities are capable of delivering it professionally and reliably. Dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, firewalls, backups, endpoint security, load balancing, service level agreements, cloud replication, Microsoft Office 365, and Anti-DDOS are just some of the services offered at the Los Angeles facility, where services are specifically catered to respond to customer needs.


With a variety of solutions offered, and a number of different hosting packages available, Krypt is able to out-perform the competition consistently. That’s why 75 of the Fortune 500 companies have chosen Krypt to host their data centers, and it’s also why Krypt continues to attract more successful clients than other hosting services. Krypt runs its own network, which means it does not depend on providers to make routing changes, so connection problems can be resolved immediately.

When you opt for a Krypt dedicated bandwidth package, you’ll get a server connected to a 100 Mbps switched port, on a private dedicated VLAN. This will be connected to a switch having dual or quad 1 Gbps connections to core switches for increased throughput and redundancy. Krypt switches are never over-subscribed, and all providers are Tier-1 providers with long track records of success and reliability. Since we use only the best equipment, managed by the best providers and in-house personnel, traveling over premium networks, you just won’t find a better hosting service than Krypt.

For more information on what our data centers can provide, please contact a Krypt team member today!

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