Hybrid Cloud Service by VPLS: How it Can Benefit Your Organization’s IT Infrastructure


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Almost every business today utilizes cloud computing to store and process data. Generally, cloud computing services are public, third party, on-site, or privately owned. However, hybrid cloud service computing – as the name suggests – uses a combination of all of these.

If your organization is looking for an easier way to scale or have additional agility, using a hybrid cloud service from VPLS can be an excellent option. The VPLS VMware hybrid cloud services allow you to meet your customers’ needs and boost your business’s efficiency while keeping your data compliant and secure – all at an affordable price.

VPLS is a Hybrid Cloud Service Provider

VPLS is a leading provider of VMware Cloud Hosting. We are one of the very first in the industry to become vCloud Powered partner for enabling both VMware Hybrid and Public Cloud services. What this means is that when you choose us, you’ll be able to rely on a private cloud and public cloud platform, allowing you to be flexible when trying to meet your business goals.

Thanks to our hybrid cloud services, you can seamlessly integrate functions, applications, and data with hybrid cloud environments. Those benefits are achieved by creating a highly secure environment that essentially acts as an extension of your own data center. With that, your organization can enjoy the agility and flexibility of storing information in both private and public data centers without risking security and compliance.

The VMware hybrid cloud also helps transform your IT infrastructure in fundamental ways, allowing you to efficiently address your customers’ needs and achieve more business efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll reap with VPLS Hybrid Cloud and choosing us as your cloud service provider.

It is Easily Scalable

Since a hybrid cloud employs more than one type of cloud service, VPLS Hybrid Cloud evolves as your company grows. You can easily increase your subscription package or upgrade your virtual machine without having to invest in expensive upgrades with on-site infrastructure.

Backed-up Data Will be Secured

When you are using the VPLS Hybrid Cloud, regardless of where your data is, it will be 100% secure through one of our 19 worldwide data centers. This reliable backup is ensured through the use of secure IPsec VPN tunnels when accessing both private and public clouds.

Since data centers are designed to be much more secure and sophisticated than standard commercial properties, you won’t have to worry about unexpected and unforeseen situations like weather disturbances, natural disasters, and power outages. This reduces the likelihood that sensitive data will be lost or destroyed.

It is Easy to Use

If you are already using VMware vSphere services, you can connect to the VPLS Hybrid Cloud with the help of vCloud connector. It will allow you to easily move your workload with the VMware vSphere client.

The VPLS Hybrid Cloud can also access your company’s private cloud through secure IPsec VPN tunnels. Think of our cloud service provider as an extension of your very own data center. You can either purchase a subscription package or use the Hybrid Cloud via a pay-per-use model, depending on your business needs.

It Provides Advanced Compliance & Security

Your organization can use the vCloud Connector plugin for vSphere to securely and easily connect to both public and private clouds. This connection to both platforms allows you to choose where you can store data and workloads, making it more difficult for hackers to locate and retrieve sensitive information.

The industry-leading vCloud Connecter plugin for vSphere achieves the highest level of security by acting as the interface between private and public clouds when transferring any size workload, keeping both your on and off-premise assets safe.

Why Choose VPLS as Your Hybrid Cloud Service Provider

If you are already using cloud computing services, whether private or public, the VPLS Hybrid Cloud will help build a secure cloud environment for your organization’s data – without you having to use any physical servers. Want to learn more about how we can maximize your business’ efficiency? Complete our online form.

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