11 Basic Steps to Protect Your Network & Company from Ransomware


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Cybercrime: A Modern Plague

News articles bearing bad news that another high-profile organization is at the mercy of ransomware have proliferated since the start of the pandemic. So much so that ransomware is now considered its own “pandemic.” 

However, the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack was the tipping point for the US government to act. Since that attack, several critical pieces of literature were published to help government entities and commercial organizations alike:

Basic Preventative Steps

Referencing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NISTIR 8374) that we linked above, let us review NIST’s “basic preventative steps” for improving your ransomware resistance and protecting against the constant threat of compromise. Keen readers will notice a considerable overlap from our recent Ransomware Checklist blog and the preventive steps discussed in NISTIR 8374.

1. Use Antivirus Software at All Times

2. Keep Computers Fully Patched

3. Block Access to Ransomware Sites

4. Allow Only Authorized Apps

5. Restrict Personally Owned Devices

6. Use Standard User Accounts

7. Avoid Using Personal Apps

8. Beware of Unknown Sources

9. Make an Incident Recovery Plan

10. Backup and Restore

11. Know Your Contacts

Ransomware Protection as a Service

These resources from the government, especially the basic preventative guidance from NISTIR 8374 that we walked through above, provide critical information that organizations should adopt as a foundation for their security program if they want to stand a chance against ransomware. However, VPLS knows that not every organization has the time, skill, or workforce to implement these cybersecurity musts.

For these organizations, VPLS can take the burden off your IT department with convenient monthly or one-time services that check all the boxes above. We have a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity service offerings, such as SOC as a Service, Managed Firewalls, Backup & DR, Managed Servers, and vCISO Services. All these services can have your organization remediating any critical cybersecurity gaps while dramatically increasing your security posture in little to no time.

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