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A security operations center (SOC) monitors a company’s network, devices, cloud storage, and other IT assets. It is essential in detecting, addressing, and preventing cybersecurity threats

When these functions are provided by a third party, rather than within the company structure itself, it’s called SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS). If you’re not sure if outsourcing is worth it, here are some SOC-as-a-Service features that you with confidence.

1. Comprehensive 24/7 Monitoring

When your company outsources its SOC, you have the benefit of comprehensive network monitoring and threat detection, without dedicating your own personnel to the task. This frees up your staff to work on other projects while ensuring that critical security functions don’t fall by the wayside. 

SOC-as-a-Service utilizes qualified security analysts. This means you get the best in threat protection without being responsible for holding this expertise in-house.

2. Reduced Data Security Risk

When you’re collecting information from your customers or clients, you want them to know that their data is secure. Companies that use managed SOC-as-a-Service are less likely to experience security breaches. 

A breach can lead to significant costs, whether those are regulatory fines or compensation to your customers. Plus, it can hurt your brand’s image, making it harder to attract new business and retain your existing customer base. If attacks do happen, they’re resolved quickly and with less damage through a SOC-as-a-Service provider.

3. Lower Capital and Personnel Costs

When you choose a third-party provider for security services, you avoid the significant capital and operating costs associated with setting up, maintaining, and staffing an onsite SOC for your company. 

Many SOCaaS providers charge a monthly or annual fee based on usage, so you’re only paying for the services you use. You don’t have to spend money and valuable staff time on upgrading your hardware or systems, and you’ll have the benefit of the latest technology through your service provider.

4. Customized Scalable Solutions

While a traditional managed security service provider might only offer one or two basic protection plans, SOC-as-a-Service providers offer customizable packages based on what your team needs

Pricing plans can vary based on the number of devices on your network or the amount of log storage you use, so you can choose the pricing model that best fits your team. Plus, you can add features or services as you need them, allowing your security operations to expand as your team grows.

5. Shared Visibility

A good SOC-as-a-Service provider works as a true extension of your IT department. With managed SOCaaS, your internal IT staff will have complete visibility and access to the SOC, allowing them to work side-by-side with your third-party provider. 

This improves communication and efficiency, and it allows teams to resolve threats quickly with minimal disruption to your business’s day-to-day operations. Even though you’re outsourcing this service, you’ll always be in the loop.

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