Don’t Let These 5 Myths Fool You


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cybersecurity mythsThere are a number of myths out there about cyber attacks, however we have compiled a list of 5 that we believe are most mistaken to be true.

1. Only Certain Industries Are Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Any business that has valuable information to a hacker can be exposed to cyber attacks. Typically one thinks of industries such as financial services, healthcare, or government affiliated organizations are the most sought after targets , however our last blog post about how VPLS supplied cyber security to education systems shows that educational systems also experience plenty of cyber attacks, in addition to many other industries. Don’t let this myth prevent you from investing in cyber security.

2. You'll Know Right Away if Your Computer is Infected

In fact, the most dangerous of cyber attacks are not ones that display nasty messages or post a skull on your screen. Modern malware is sneaky and can be difficult to detect. Hackers are now able to take control of your computer and profit from damaging your equipment or stealing your confidential information. VPLS provides 24/7 support services and manages their clients’ anti-virus, network/firewall, server, and desktop. Therefore, your company can trust that its in the best hands when it comes to stealthy cyber attacks.

3. Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Are Not Seen as Targets by Hackers

cyber security hackerThis is a common belief, however during 2017, large enterprises and small businesses were equally affected by email-borne malware that contained a dangerous link. ( Furthermore, as stated in the 2018 Verizon DBIR, 58% of data breach victims are small businesses. Hackers attack small to medium-sized businesses because often times business owners do not want to invest the money or are unable to afford the additional monitoring and security that large enterprises have. Additionally, small- and mid-sized businesses are more unlikely to be fully equipped for a cyber attack, hence giving criminals an advantage.

4. Cyber Security Only Pertains to the IT Department

This is a myth because all employees, regardless of position and departments, must have the knowledge and training in cyber security since a cyber attack can happen to anyone. If an employee is not adequately informed on cybersecurity, they might unknowingly allow the hacker to access their data and wreak havoc in their organization. VPLS offers cyber security training for their clients’ employees through KnowBe4, a world-renowned Security Awareness integrated platform. Cyber threats can come in all shapes and forms, therefore all employees, not just the IT department, should know how to prevent cyber attacks in the form of clickable links and phishing emails.

5. Effective Response Equates to a Fast Response

Although detection and response should be fast, being quick to act can also lead to rushed decision-making and a false sense of success. Cyber attackers will frequently prepare at least one “decoy” operation to cover the “real” operation. These decoy attacks are designed to desensitize the defense and distract the cyber security team by convincing them that they have defeated the hacker. Once the cyber security team is distracted, the “real” hack occurs and is successfully undetected. Therefore, a good cyber security team, like VPLS’ Managed IT Support Services, can detect deception and provide professional advice so that the success of your business is not a false success.

Don’t forget, VPLS is a Fortinet Gold Managed Security Service Provider, to provide maximum security for all your web and database server needs.

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