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VPLS x Fortinet: Optimal Firewall and Security Solutions


Web security is more important than ever these days, as enterprise networks continue to expand and become more complex, while at the same time threats from cyber criminals continue to escalate. As the number of attacks grow, and the level of sophistication increases as well, all businesses from corporate giants on down to micro-businesses need to take appropriate measures to safeguard their data assets, as well as their network infrastructure. One of the best ways to achieve a maximum level of protection is through the Fortinet web security solution, as implemented by VPLS, a global leader in managed services for companies of all sizes.

How Fortinet Can Protect Your Business

The Fortinet umbrella of security features can protect your business against Internet predators seeking to exploit you for their own financial gain, and can help ensure that your network infrastructure remains unharmed by attempts to corrupt and compromise it. Fortinet’s Web Application Firewall is equipped with all known anti-virus definitions so it can prevent attacks by current Internet threats, and as new threats are identified, they are added to the firewall definitions. Whenever any such attempts are made on your network, the offender is quickly quarantined in the Fortisandbox, where it can be analyzed, and rendered harmless before any kind of intrusion can be carried out.

Here are some of the features included under the Fortinet security umbrella:

Continuous identification and automatic handling of known threats, without any manual intervention necessary from I.T. personnel
Quarantine of malicious IP addresses to halt any damage in progress, and to prevent further harm to the network
Automatic management of SQL injection attacks, Denial of Service attacks, buffer overflows, cross-site scripting, and other malicious activities
End-to-end protection of your entire enterprise network, providing you with peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on business

Why Choose VPLS?

As great as the Fortinet security solution is, you could probably find other hosting companies to provide that service for you – so why should you choose VPLS? The company’s services division (VPLS Solutions) is known around the world for offering best-in-breed products and services which represent the most cutting edge technologies available in their categories.

Any service offered by VPLS Solutions is one which the company itself uses, and has found to be the very best on the market – so the company can feel very confident about offering it as the right solution to other businesses. It also means that VPLS engineers are well qualified to implement and support those products for clients, because they are already supporting them on site.

Hosting more than 5 million websites and supporting 15,000 servers, VPLS is staffed with an entire division of experts in their fields, and that expertise is made available to clients seeking the kind of managed services which will allow them to grow and achieve greater success. Recognized as the worldwide leader in the deployment of public and private clouds, backup solutions, disaster recovery plans, networking, web design and development, and security solutions, VPLS is the first choice for hosted computing solutions, which is all the more reason to contact us today!

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