VPLS Peers Directly with China Telecom

Orange – December 17, 2010 – Krypt Technologies DBA VPLS Inc,  made history being the first IT infrastructure hosting provider to have direct peering to China.  Partnered with China Telecom IP network will greatly satisfy the complexities of global distributions, Internet –based, mission-critical applications.

With China Telecom it will make Krypt’s end users strategically benefit from:

  • Direct peering and lower latency to Asia.
  • Increased stability of routes to China
  • Premium bandwidth will dramatically improve the user experience.
  • An addition for multiple redundancies for the network backbone.

“We have made history today as the first dedicated server provider to have direct peering ports in China.  The investment is to not only meet the demands of our end users but to exceed them,” said Ted Mektrakarn, VPLS’ Chief Executive Officer.  “For the longest time peering to China was a big challenge in the hosting industry,  so how do we solve this we asked ourselves?”  “Simple, we meet the expectations and go beyond.”

Krypt dominates Southern California with its nine world class data centers:

  • Los Angeles, CA – LAX 1-8
  • Orange, CA – SNA1
  • Santa Ana, CA – SNA2

“As the industry grows and new standards are being made every day.  We have to plan for the future and lead the industry by examples,” said Tim Mektrakarn, VPLS’ Chief Operating Officer.  “By leading and raising the standards we are no longer competing with anyone but ourselves to better the end users’ needs and experience.”

About China Telecom
China Telecom the world’s largest internet network reaches more subscribers in Asia than any other IP network and providers direct connections to all major global ISPs, enabling global traffic routing.   China telecom has more than 10 million registered customers and provides daily access for more than 28 million people.

About Krypt Technologies, DBA VPLS Inc.
Headquartered in Orange, California, Krypt has over 12 years of experience in hosting.  Krypt is leading the way in web hosting thru world class support, innovation and high end data centers in Los Angeles, Orange, and Santa Ana.   Krypt specializes in VPS, Cloud hosting, Dedicated servers, Colo, and Managed hosting.  Business at any level can have the security, scalability, and peace of mind for their IT solutions.  For more information, please visit www.krypt.com or call 866-616-9099.

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