VPLS Offers Comprehensive SOC-as-a-Service as Part of Expanded Managed Security Services

For teams with limited cybersecurity resources, VPLS offers a flexible solution that can be scaled and customized for any enterprise.


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With cybersecurity threats evolving at an exponential speed and cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications growing, the need for complex security expertise is at an all-time high. To combat these threats, VPLS has dedicated a division of its Managed Security Services team to specialize in providing Security Operations Center as a service (SOC-as-a-Service). The SOC team provides customers with 24x7x365 real-time monitoring, cyber incident notification, and proactive prevention activities.

“Few organizations have the resources to maintain expensive, noisy security information hardware, and staff a security operation center capable of monitoring and investigating incidents around the clock. Our SOC-as-a-service can be fully managed, co-managed, or a hybrid model, giving customers the freedom to scale their needs at a fraction of the cost of managing their own SOC.”

When a national trucking logistics company lost their Chief Compliance Officer, the company was at risk of being left vulnerable to costly cybersecurity threats. The organization knew they lacked the expertise required to navigate through securing their complex IT environment on their own and needed an outside expert’s services. By partnering with VPLS and implementing SOC-as-a Service, the company is now able to outsource much of their security responsibilities to VPLS, ultimately increasing their overall security posture to one with enhanced capabilities and 24×7 coverage.

VPLS’s SOC-as-a-Service is powered by security information and event management (SIEM) and eXtended Detection & Response (XDR) technology; hard-wired, wireless, and host-based intrusion detection (IDS); and continuous vulnerability monitoring so that organizations can have complete visibility to detect and respond to issues as soon as they arise.

“VPLS’s SOC-as-a-Service will appeal to security and operations teams at organizations of all sizes and stages of cloud adoption,” says John Headley, Senior Security Engineer at VPLS. “This service is especially valuable for those that are dealing with cyber skill shortages, a remote workforce, alert fatigue, and hiring and resource constraints.”

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