VPLS Inc. and Nimble Storage: Your Dynamic Duo for Backup Solutions

There’s a great deal of focus these days on data protection and disaster recovery, and rightfully so, since the world of computing has come under such vicious and numerous predatory attacks by the criminal-minded. Even a single breach of your security system can spell disaster for a company, and if your clients’ data has been compromised, the damage will be more than financial, undermining your reputation as well. While no company can ever be completely immune to such attacks, there are some steps which can be taken that will provide some degree of peace of mind.

Nimble Storage Replication is a solution which offers off-site primary storage service on the cloud coupled with regular backups, to make disaster recovery a quick and efficient process when the need arises. This discussion will consider some of the specific benefits of Nimble Storage Replication, as well as why your best choice for the service is offered by a premium Nimble partner, VPLS Inc.

Data protection

In a Nimble storage environment, a protected site is integrated with the off-site backup and recovery location, so as to obtain all the benefits of array-based data protection capabilities. VPLS Inc. has several such off-site locations strategically located around the globe to provide services wherever you happen to be geographically. Three of these centers are situated in California, at Santa Ana, San Jose, and Los Angeles, and there are two other stateside centers at Ashburn, VA and Phoenix, AZ. Abroad there are data centers at Hong Kong, HK, Singapore, SG, and Bangkok, TH, to accommodate clients in the East. Data protection services may be complex in functionality, but are operationally very easy to implement and execute, so that data protection management is much simplified at a protected site.

Outstanding speed and performance

The ultra-capable Nimble flash arrays deliver industry-leading performance when it comes to Input-Output Operations per Second (IOPS), with low latency to speed, all the while maintaining superior data protection with the help of the best third-party security software on the market. Because replication snapshots and cloning are array-based, there is much less load on servers and less system degradation. Tight integration with backup software allows for maximum efficiency in administering data backup processes.

Proactive monitoring

Nimble incorporates the industry’s only predictive flash platform, InfoSight, which features proactive monitoring based on flash arrays and predictive analytics which can forecast 90% of impending problems automatically, so they can be averted in time. In practical terms, this means downtime is virtually a thing of the past, because problems are identified and responded to well before they ever develop into a downtime situation.


As a premium Nimble partner, VPLS Inc. offers Disaster Recover as a Service (DRaaS), in which cloud pool resources can be used on a subscription basis for the most economic solution to disaster recovery. The objective for disaster recovery time is four hours or less, which reduces impact to your company, and gets you back online as fast as possible. In such cases, the recovery point will be the last replication snapshot taken, and since VPLS experts ensure that regular replication snapshots are done, this will always be the most recent data.

Twice each year, VPLS coordinates disaster recovery tests with clients to ensure data integrity and efficient recovery routines. This is a win-win scenario for companies seeking end-to-end data protection – the best replication process available, hosted by your premium Nimble partner, VPLS Inc.

For more information on our professional Nimble Storage Replication services, contact VPLS Inc. today!

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