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VPLS Basics: What is a Firewall and How Does It Work?

VPLS Basics: Firewall Security

As technology develops and improves, so do the threats against your security structures and private information. For this reason, it’s become second nature to check for updates and install the latest software patches and firewall upgrades. But, how exactly does a firewall keep you safe from ongoing cyber threats from across the globe?

Take a closer look into understanding how one of the most vital tools against cyber security threats keeps you and your information safe from unsolicited visitors.

Firewall 101

In general, firewall systems offer users security by filtering incoming and outgoing network traffic through a defined set of rules. Any information or package of information that does not adhere to set guidelines will be rejected or dropped, thereby reducing unwanted and unsafe data from reaching a user’s system.

Additionally, firewall systems can also be used to guard systems or computers within a specific network. This layering of firewalls is especially useful for businesses that store account and personal information from customers, clients, and their employees.

The options are quite limitless when it comes to configuring what can come in and what can go out. Fascinating!

Firewall Methods and Practices

In order for a firewall to determine which sites or information are allowed access, there are a few common practices that occur:

  1. Packet Filtering – The firewall gathers data into packets and analyzes the packet against a set of rules or filters.
  2. Proxy Service –  The firewall acts as an intermediary (middle man) between two networks or the internet.
  3. Dynamic Packet Filtering (Stateful Inspection) – A newer method to firewall security. While similar to Packet Filtering, this firewall method dives deeper into transmitted data and actively compares it to past packages.

VPLS and Fortinet

Firewalls are an essential tool for keeping your networks and private data safe. Without necessary updates and maintenance, users are more susceptible to cyber threats and losing their online security.

Be vigilant and remember, VPLS and Fortinet are here to do the heavy work for you.

Let us worry about the bad guys, you have a business to run!

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