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Dedicated Servers Intel Dual Scalable Xeon Gold 5118 2.30GHz; E-214 G; E3-1230

July is a great month to take advantage of a very special promotional deal which runs through the end of the month, and which is being offered on several of our very best Krypt dedicated server packages. Krypt has been a high-end provider of bare metal servers and hosting packages since 1998, and during that time, we have managed to supply services and hardware to at least 75 of the Fortune 100 companies. You could hardly make a better choice in terms of software partners and infrastructure, because our servers are run on a world-wide network of Tier 1 providers, and all of our packages come full of highly desirable features and extra services.

What You Can Expect From a Krypt Package

First off, you’ll be entitled to high-level security and backup services, so you won’t have to lose sleep over the safety of your stored data. You’ll get a very detailed service level agreement that spells out exactly the level of service you can expect. With WordPress hosting, you’ll get a free SSL certificate, so all data exchanges between your site and others will be securely encrypted. Probably the thing you’ll love the most about Krypt dedicated servers is the very high degree of configurability you have – you can customize your storage resources, your operating system, and even your bandwidth.

For security and high performance, you’ll have the option of including a number of great software packages included in your overall purchase: anti DDoS attack mitigation software, FortiGate firewalls, Webroot Endpoint Security, load balancing software, and CloudFlare, which will give your performance a boost and tighten up your security. With these great packages available to you, as well as all the other choices you have for customizing your dedicated servers, you simply could not ask for anything more – Krypt makes it all available to you.

The Special Promotion

The July promotion includes the following special dedicated server packages:

Intel Xeon E3 1241 v3 3.5 Ghz
Intel Xeon E3 1270 3.4 Ghz
Intel Xeon E3 1220 v1 3.1 Ghz
Intel Xeon E3 1230 3.2 Ghz
Intel Xeon E3 1230 v2 3.3 Ghz
Intel Xeon E3 1230 v3 3.3 Ghz
Fast Deploy E3

By purchasing one month of service, you can get 25% off the normal price, and by purchasing at least three months of service, you can save 50% off the regular price. Could you possibly start out with your new dedicated servers at any more reasonable rates than these? And you can still customize the features and services you get on your Krypt dedicated servers, so as to make them completely in sync with your business needs.

Once you’ve decided on a specific server, you can configure it with one of a dozen different highly efficient operating systems, memory between 16 and 256 Gig of RAM, between 5 and 18 usable IP addresses, bandwidth between 10 and 15 Terabytes, and at your option, even a Control Panel. Then you can also add in all the other performance and security options mentioned above, to make your dedicated server the most inexpensive and best-performing dedicated server you’ve ever had.

Don’t miss your chance on this amazing offer; contact Krypt today!

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