New LAX7 Datacenter Online!

WOW… what a week… that pretty much sums up the few weeks here at VPLS. After our Holiday Party on 12/13 we turned up a brand new datacenter in less than 5 days from building the racks, cage, adding power, networking gear and servers, lots and lots of servers were added. Our vendors couldn’t keep up with our server order demand so our crew was tasked to build well over 200 machines in less than a week on top of the 100 or so from our vendors. To date our new datacenter already has 280+ machines that are sold with a few remaining or waiting to be sold. Our team is adding more and more servers each week and our new datacenter will be able to host well over 5000 servers in the future. We’re very excited for the growth potential of this new place and look forward to growing well beyond our goal!

New datacenter pictures will be added soon!

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