How to Disaster-proof Your Data with Krypt’s Auto Backup


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Auto Backups

You can’t afford to have vulnerability with your business-critical data these days, because it can mean that your business may be down for some costly period, or in extreme cases, it might mean that you are obliged to go out of business altogether. There are so many cyber threats which can jeopardize your important data that you really must have a backup of it all, at any given moment in time.

If your data were to be hijacked by a cyber criminal and ransomed, you would literally be at the mercy of that individual, unless you have a current backup of all your data. Any natural disaster might also corrupt or destroy your business data, leaving you with nothing to conduct business with. The only safe way to protect yourself from these scenarios and many others, is to have offsite auto backups being performed on a regular basis, ideally auto backups with Krypt.

Why Krypt?

The big advantage to using Krypt technology is its superior capability for hosting and its outstanding infrastructure. Krypt is the division of VPLS Inc. which is responsible for hosting more than five million websites globally, and for providing enterprise-class technology which many Fortune 500 companies rely on for 24×7 support and service. If these highly successful companies place their trust and their faith in Krypt technology, it should be suitable for all companies, no matter how big or how small.

Krypt has also been around since 1998, which means it has been a major player internationally for more than two decades. That has given the company executives plenty of time to figure out how to provide the very best service and technology to clients, and plenty of successes which can encourage companies everywhere to have total confidence in the Krypt process.

Krypt technology

Your data will be kept safe and secure by Krypt whether you prefer to run Cloud Servers or Bare Metal Servers, both of which will be perfect for your auto backups. Your cloud server backups will be fully managed by Krypt, and will include all the services which will help to preserve your data, and keep it available for you, so that you’ll never have to endure any period of downtime which could be costly for your business.

You will have automatic and unattended backups of your data, you can backup individual files of special importance, backups can be regularly scheduled, you’ll have the capability of onsite recovery, offsite recovery, and server recovery, you’ll have the option of creating incremental backups, and you’ll be able to replicate your entire server from a backup.

Reliability and consistency

Apart from the superior technology provided to your business with the ultra-fast and ultra-capable Krypt servers, there’s another big advantage to having your auto backups arranged for with Krypt technology. Because these servers have proven to be extremely reliable, you can count on having virtually 100% of uptime, with only a minimal chance of any kind of downtime.

That kind of reliability is priceless for business owners, because it means you can set it up and literally forget about it – until you actually need that backup data. Confidence counts for a great deal in business, because it allows you to focus on other things, like running your business effectively. Let Krypt technology manage your auto backups, so you don’t have to worry about data accessibility, even if disaster should strike.

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