Guide to Surviving the Summer: How to Heat-Proof Your Technology


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Protect Mobile Devices and Tech from Sun and HeatWith the first day of Summer making its debut today, it’s time to break out the hats and sunscreen to prepare ourselves for triple-digit temperatures. And let’s not forget our favorite tech devices… they need protection from the heat too!

The summer heat can cause damage to your mobile devices when left out in the sun. VPLS is here to drop some knowledge and help you prevent a total device meltdown. Let’s read on to find what these simple methods are.

Keep Out of the Sun and Keep Your Cool

Extremely warm weather can have negative effects on your smart device. If left out in direct sunlight for a long period, your LCD screen will crack or become unresponsive to touch.

Additionally, the heat will drain your battery quicker since the battery fluid will evaporate faster when in use or even damage your device altogether.

The solution? Store your device in a cool place and out of direct sunlight, such as a handbag or backpack.

If your phone already shows signs of overheating, place it under the shade to gradually cool off. Remember, do not put your device in the refrigerator or freezer; the rapid temperature change can cause condensation buildup that could damage the circuit.

Wrap and Protect Devices

Water damage is another summertime concern to look out for when it comes to your electronic devices.

While you frolick by the water or play in the sand, the well-being of our phones is still compromised. Splashing water or kicked-up grains of sand can enter into the nooks and crannies of our device.

A good way to ensure that your device is protected both from water or sand damage is to wrap it! This skin-tight sheath around will make sure nothing gets in!

Though the concept may be humorous, these thermoplastic coverings are no joke! These sheaths can prevent water, sand, dust and other debris from wreaking havoc in the small openings of your device.

Safeguard Against Water Damage

If boating and swimming are on your to-do list this summer, then you will need a fool-proof way to protect your technology from major water damage. A waterproof case such as one from DryCASE will do just the trick! These cases will not only keep your devices dry and safe but will float if you accidentally drop your phone in the water. DryCase also makes backpacks suitable for bigger tech devices like cameras or laptops, and it will withstand thunderstorms at any tropical destination.

Bonus: If you happen to drop your phone in water during this summer, don’t fret! Just remove the battery and SIM card from your device, then place your phone in a bag or bowl of white rice overnight to remove excess moisture.

Summer is a time where you should have fun and experience new things. You should be able to take along your devices to whatever adventure you embark and not let anything, including the heat, stand in the way of your best summer ever.

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