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Krypt Cloud Promotion

Krypt cloud servers are among the most reliable and best-performing machines in the industry, and this month we’re giving you some extra incentive to procure one or more servers to handle all your computing needs. There has never been a better time to take advantage of discount pricing so you can enjoy the reliability and the blazing-fast speed of Krypt cloud servers.

Benefits of Krypt Cloud Servers

The first thing everyone inquires about is uptime availability, which is understandable, because an offline business is one which is constantly losing money. Our Krypt cloud servers are guaranteed to be online at a 99.9% available rate, which means you can pretty much forget about any downtime. In terms of conversion, we can migrate all your physical servers over to Krypt cloud servers, transferring all your company data in just a few hours, which means you’ll have a seamless migration to the cloud.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll love the advantages provided by some of the fastest machines in creation, with SAN storage that allows for super high-speed data transfers and shields you from single drive failures. Solid state drives and RAID-10 architecture ensures that the disk failures of the past remain in the past, and never intrude on your computing. If for any reason, you are unhappy with the Krypt cloud servers, you would have the option of upgrading to a comparable bare metal server which is from the same approximate price range.

The Krypt VMware cloud servers provide a cloud computing platform which is at once highly effective and extremely agile. Allowing you to run, store, and use applications right on-site, the VMware configuration also enables you to utilize all kinds of different applications of your choosing. Our Krypt cloud server hosting also allows you to backup all your business-critical data and applications to a redundant center at another physical location. Knowing that you have all your important data backed up at a safe location will let you sleep easier at night, and will prove invaluable in the event of any kind of disaster which requires that you restore data from a recent backup. 

Special August Promotion

August is definitely the month to act, if you’re interested in securing a great price on all G2 and C2-cloud SIN and LAX machines. We’re offering a one-month limited pricing schedule which includes 20% off for one-month and a whopping 40% off for three months or above. When you order, you should use Coupon Code JKN491JDES in order to receive the special discount. If ordering online, all you’ll have to do is choose the operating system you prefer, the number of IP addresses you’d like to have, and the type of Control Panel you desire, if any.

You’ll also have the option of choosing from among several other features to enhance performance. If you like, you can opt for: Cloud Flare, Load Balancing, Managed Server, Endpoint Security, Anti-DDoS, Edge Firewalls, Private LAN, and 24x7x8-hour response support. If you have any custom options you want included, those can be specified in an instruction area provided in the online order form. This will allow you to end up with exactly what you want, and at a price lower by 40%, of what you might expect to pay somewhere else! 

Don’t miss your chance on this special offer; contact Krypt today!

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