Cloud Migration: What Are Best Practices?


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As cloud technologies are becoming more popular, cloud migration is becoming an increasingly important topic for businesses. This blog post discusses the best practices that a company can use with cloud migration services and how to find the right cloud service provider to help your business migrate your data and applications. 

Where to Start

To begin, it is important to determine the right cloud service provider for your business needs. Too many companies have been burned by providers that do not offer everything they need and end up costing them time in addition to money. When choosing a cloud service provider, be sure to look at what services they offer, and at what scope those services can apply to your business. 

Step One - Inventory Assets and Identification of Requirements

The first step is to identify what assets are currently being cloud supported and the requirements for those cloud services. This should be done by your cloud service provider as part of their assessment process.

Step Two - Gather Data

Collect all data from any existing storage and segment it into appropriate packages/categories. Doing this on your own can be tricky and it becomes exponentially easier with the help of a quality cloud migration service provider.

Step Three - Data Transfer

Once all of your cloud data is organized and segmented, begin transferring the appropriate packages/categories to the cloud. This should be done in a way that makes it easy for you or future cloud managers to make changes as needed

Why You Should Consider Cloud Migration

If you run a business of any size, you’ll need to use, store, and segment a lot of important data. Migrating this data to the cloud is crucial for network optimization and fluid network success over time. Cloud migration is a tool that yields many benefits that you may not have realized previously but will notice once it’s complete. It’s a good idea to identify cloud migration services that will suit your needs and exceed expectations. Here are just some of the benefits you get from cloud migration:


When it comes time for an upgrade or change, cloud management software can make adjustments quickly on its end without needing any input from you. This means there is no downtime associated with changes in cloud configuration which should be attractive to businesses concerned about productivity loss if they ever went offline.


If you need more space or storage capability as well as bandwidth at one point in time, cloud migration providers offer solutions like these so your network isn’t running out of space anytime soon. Giving yourself a bigger runway to grow is better than scrambling to scale after you’ve run out of space.

Economical Reliability

Cloud usage offers significant economic benefits that translate into value for the company that you can only get by implementing cloud migration. The cloud is a cost-effective solution with affordable prices and it can be scaled up when you need more resources or hosting as your business grows.

Diversity of Services

High-quality cloud migration service providers, like VPLS, offer a diverse range of cloud solutions all in one package so businesses don’t have to go through different vendors.

The customer is key when it comes to service, and this is important when choosing a cloud migration service provider.

Cloud Migration Assistance

With these experts on hand at any time, migrating from legacy platforms into the cloud becomes much easier and less stressful than doing it alone. This should benefit companies that are looking for peace of mind, ease of migration, and quality of service. Implementing cloud migration through a network service provider is the best way to get ahead of the curve and stay there long-term.

Get Data Migration Done Right With VPLS

Data migration is not something that you can afford to miss out on. You must do your research and hire an expert service provider like VPLS, with proven best practices and experience in this particular area of business management.

VPLS can help in every aspect of cloud migration and cloud management, for businesses of all sizes, with all types of needs.

If you want more information about cloud migration or need help finding such a company, contact us today! We are more than happy to provide a quote for our services as well as schedule a time for either an informational meeting or discovery call.

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