Bloody hell… Trojan horse (not) on the Defcon CD

Update August 2 2009

After being warned about a possible Trojan horse on the Defcon CD, a few malware analysts ripped through the CD contents looking for the file.  It was pretty amazing seeing the two guys work.  One used a Mac laptop while the other ran the PDF in a VMWare session.  They zeroed in on a few files and looked at the binary information along with the connections the file was trying to make.  In the end, both figured out that the trojan horse warning was just a false positive.  Crisis adverted.


Well that’s just great, the Defcon CD has a confirmed Trojan horse and everyone has been told to not view/use the files. I guess it shouldn’t come as any surprise that a hacking convention would have a hacked CD. The danger here is that there are federal agents and security professionals here with some serious information on their laptops.


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