Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions in 2021: Four Must-Have Features


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Cyber security solutions provide businesses with critical context on network vulnerabilities and the threat actors that are looking to attack them. This helps companies be extremely proactive in identifying and responding to threats. However, not all threat intelligence solutions are created equal. While all such tools offer the core feature of basic data about threats, they vary significantly in the extent and methods they provide situational, operational, and actionable intelligence.

In this post, we are discussing what you need to look for when choosing cyber security solutions within the ever-evolving landscape of threat intelligence in 2021.

Key Features of High-Quality Cyber Security Solutions

1. Investigations Powered by Scalable Artificial Intelligence

As existing threats evolve and new ones appear at an alarming rate – partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic – it has become impossible for security teams to manually tackle the huge amount of data, in order to recognize potential threats.

Considering the vast range of threats facing governments and organizations today, threat identification techniques and tools can no longer be manual – they have to be AI-based. A web-based intelligence tool powered by AI can access all the nooks and crannies of the internet and pinpoint pertinent threats automatically. It can alert security teams to the threats with the highest risk first by generating critical threat feeds.

Your business may face numerous threats at any moment. The more challenging part is that those threats tend to change continuously with new ones emerging all the time. This is why cyber security solutions must deliver threat data and assist teams in utilizing it in an automated manner. They must include malware assessment tools to help spot relevant threats automatically.

To make access to new threat data easier for stakeholders, threat feeds are also crucial. Also, engineers can calculate which threats pose the most risk thanks to the automated patch prioritization recommendations.

2. Real-Time Information And Alerts

Whether you are a national law enforcement agency or a corporation, the cyber threat solutions you choose must be able to respond to threats and vulnerabilities before they become full-blown breakdowns and breaches. To achieve this, the platform must send you alerts in real-time. When a threat to your cybersecurity presents itself, time is of the essence. Receiving detailed, real-time reporting on these threats can help arm you with key information needed to respond appropriately.

Of course, historical threat intelligence is important to help provide insights and recognize patterns, but only real-time alerts can help you accomplish maximum security.

3. Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web is a haven for cybercriminals. Your threat intelligence software should be able to monitor the web, dark web, and deep web in order to discover threats before they attempt to cripple your systems. This level of web monitoring includes anything from hackers’ forums to black-market listings (displaying personal information of your customers) and more.

4. Automated Takedown

Some of the most reliable and proven threat intelligence tools today reduce the time it takes to alleviate risk by taking the compromised web page down automatically, without waiting for intervention from human security experts.

24x7x365 Cyber Threat Solutions – Automate Your Response to Threats

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