4 Most Common Indicators Your Network is Compromised


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When your enterprise’s network is compromised or hacked, it can be tricky to recognize the signs without the help of a managed cyber security service expert. Fortunately, there are a few clues you can look out for.

Although email continues to be a leading risk when it comes to cybersecurity, hackers today are employing different strategies to access networks. Here are 5 signs that your business network has been compromised and you need to call in a managed cyber security service expert right away.

1. Disabled or Uninstalled Firewall or Security Programs

This is one of the easiest-to-spot indications of a compromised business network. Cybercriminals know that most users have some kind of firewall in place, which is why they have created elaborate ways to hack into your network and disable/uninstall your security programs. If you find that you are unable to restart your firewall or anti-malware program – and you definitely did not turn it off – your network is most likely under attack.

2. Too Many Error Messages While Performing Routine Tasks

Hacking attempts tend to negatively impact the operating systems, especially if the software is not updated regularly. Make sure your managed cyber security service company regularly applies crucial security patches and your network computers are continuously monitored.

3. Emails Sent Without Your Knowledge (Spam Accusations)

Regardless of how sophisticated your business network is, people will always be the biggest security risk to it. Since email data travels across public servers, hackers have a lot of opportunities to intercept it at several points. In many cases, malware and viruses can spread over the internet by email, even without the sender’s knowledge. This can result in your company emails getting blacklisted on popular email platforms.

4. Unusual Login/Session Activity

If you’ve noticed login attempts from unrecognized devices or geographical areas, that could be an indication that your network is compromised. This is especially true for privileged user accounts. When you see abnormal or suspicious activity during those user sessions- it should raise a red flag.

Secure Your Network With Our Managed Cyber Security Service Solutions

Now that you know some of the most common signs of a compromised device or network, make sure you are equipped to handle them. Working with our managed cyber security service team at VPLS will help you minimize – if not negate – the impact of any cyber attacks on your business.

Reach us online to learn more about VPLS network optimization services and solutions regarding your specific business needs.

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