4 Benefits of a Managed Network Service


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Whether you are a business manager or a seasoned IT professional, a managed network service can make your job easier and allow you to focus on achieving your business goals. Some of the biggest benefits of a managed network include the expertise, industry knowledge, and dedication of an entire IT department that is focused on the delivery of your core business functions.

A managed network service vendor like VPLS can help you handle the routine tasks that are more time-consuming like:

Working with a network service provider can ultimately increase your company competitiveness and efficiency by providing you multiple advantages:

1. Proactivity and Scalability

When you work with a managed network service firm, it frees up your organization’s resources to focus on your mission-critical goals. Your network solutions provider will achieve this by proactively combining increased flexibility and speed with high-performance network availability to effortlessly drive the progress of your growing enterprise.

Vendors that provide managed network services have the infrastructure required to support faster tech upgrades and implementations. Preventative maintenance checks and enhancements as well as ongoing proactive measures are also handled in this setup.

2. Control Operating Costs of Entire IT Network

The main reason why companies turn to managed network service is that it drastically reduces costs associated with infrastructure, software, hardware, service, maintenance, and operations. All these costs also become more predictable and better controlled since they become a form of fixed expense. In addition, upgrade costs go down too as they are handled by the managed network vendor.

This entire arrangement will minimize the cost of your ongoing maintenance labor as well. Costs associated with technology upgrades, employee turnover, and initial and ongoing training will either be completely eliminated or reduced to a minimum.

3. Superior Network Security

Managed network services give you enhanced security for your entire data and voice network. Most vendors include products that protect the business from breaches, viruses, malware, spam, and even inappropriate content. As a result, all your sensitive data, critical applications, and transactions will be kept safe and secure. For example, VPLS works to prevent intrusions and bottlenecks and eradicate single points of failure via fully-managed network security.

4. Better Quality of Network Service

Other benefits your company can experience by choosing the right managed network service include: better network management, enhanced call routing, and better voice quality thanks to the built-in quality of service. You’ll get access to high-quality, high-speed Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) backbone across a wide range of internet connections.

Choose VPLS Managed Network Services for Maximized Performance

Our managed solutions provide multiple ways to save cost and time, preventing network hiccups and reducing support time. If you’re looking for a managed network service provider that can help you perform your day-to-day tasks with more efficiency so as to increase overall productivity, reach out to us by sending us a message online.

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