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VPLS Presents: The Benefits of Managed Cloud Backup


These days it is an absolute must for businesses to have all mission-critical data and applications backed up at a location remote from the business itself, so that both can be restored in the event of any kind of cyber attack. If a company’s most important applications and/or data is compromised on site, and the only available backups are also on site, there is a potential for both to be wiped out catastrophically.

The ideal scenario would be for the backups to be managed and stored at a remote location, on the cloud, where it would be far less vulnerable to attack, and ready for restore in the event of any mishap. To take fullest advantage of the available protections offered by a remote host on the cloud, your entire IT system and infrastructure should be moved to the cloud, and managed by a reputable and reliable host.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Backup

If your company’s IT processes were situated on the cloud and managed by a highly respected host company, your company employees would have the benefit of being able to access data and applications with any kind of device, from any location, at any time. For employees that must frequently travel, or be away from the main office often, this would be extremely useful, since productivity could be maintained regardless of location.

Your company would also enjoy the advantage of having a predictable monthly budget cost for IT services, as opposed to the possibility of any number of surprise expenses which might pop up otherwise. Your hardware costs would drop dramatically, and you wouldn’t have to constantly plan for equipment replacement, along with the never-ending upgrades associated with computing.

When your business is poised to experience real growth, you won’t have to worry about scaling up to manage that success – all the scaling would be done by your host company. You’d never have to worry about re-configuring your infrastructure, buying more software and hardware to meet business requirements, or hiring more employees to keep up with demand. Your host will manage all that for you.

One of the most compelling reasons why your IT, and especially your backups, should be managed by an offsite host though, is that of providing round the clock security. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that Security needs to be a primary consideration of conducting business in today’s world, simply because there are so many cyber criminals determined to circumvent it for their own advantage. If you don’t have backups you can rely on, and a host that can provide top-notch protection for your business assets, it could cost you a fortune, or knock you out of business altogether.


VPLS is one of the most trusted host companies in the world for managing your cloud backups, and for managing your entire IT suite of processes. More than five million website owners around the world have placed their trust in VPLS, and that figure grows all the time, as more businesses learn about the stellar protection provided by the company, and about the advantages gained through hosting by VPLS.

VPLS offers a full range of IT hosting solutions, including web design and development, networking, public and private cloud deployments, infrastructure as a service, managed cloud backup, disaster recovery, and of course, the most comprehensive security systems available anywhere. With VPLS, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that your business assets are being hosted by one of the premier cloud-hosting services in the world, and that you are always protected against the next big security threat.

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