VPLS March Madness Flashback

VPLS Flashback Friday: A Look at 2017 March Madness!

2018 March Madness is Around the Corner!

In just two weeks, VPLS and VPLS Solutions will celebrate the 2018 NCAA Tournament with key leaders and directors of the tech industry from across the Orange and Los Angeles County.

Until then, let’s flashback to the festivities from the 2017 March Madness event!


2017 March Madness Event by VPLS and VPLS Solutions

The 2017 March Madness Event was hosted at VPLS and VPLS Solution Headquarters in sunny Orange, California. Attendees of the event indulged in delicious snacks and drinks as they cheered for their favorite NCAA Tournament teams. In addition to mingling with other tech leaders in the industry, attendees also were showered with gifts and the opportunity to take home one of many grand prizes.


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[av_content_slide title=’Grand Prize Winners’ link=” linktarget=” av_uid=’av-3fd777y’]

Grand Prize Winners of the 2017 March Madness Raffle

[av_content_slide title=’VPLS and VPLS Solutions Team’ link=” linktarget=” av_uid=’av-36bgy5q’]

VPLS and VPLS Solution Crew

[av_content_slide title=’Brocade and Ruckus ‘ link=” linktarget=” av_uid=’av-2kfhr0u’]

An appearance by Brocade and Ruckus Team

[av_content_slide title=’NimbleStorage’ link=” linktarget=” av_uid=’av-24paiq6′]

A joyful appearance by John Minnix and NimbleStorage!

[av_content_slide title=’VPLS Solutions ‘ link=” linktarget=” av_uid=’av-1nd1iy6’]

Gorgeous smiles by the VPLS Solutions team!

[av_content_slide title=’Raffle Winners’ link=” linktarget=” av_uid=’av-1cbieby’]

2017 March Madness Raffle Winners


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 2018 March Madness Event at Karl Strauss Brewing Company

In order to accommodate the increasing number of attendees, the 2018 March Madness Event will be held at the stylish Karl Strauss Brewing Company in Anaheim, California.

This year, don’t miss the opportunity to catch up with your favorite people in the business and watch the NCAA Tournament in style!



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