VPLS Orange County Fitness Challenge Giveaway of IceShaker Cup from Shark Tank

VPLS and Nutrishop Tustin Team Up for the Work-Life-Balance Fitness Challenge!

VPLS Orange County Fitness Challenge

Hit the Ground Running!

Yet another reminder that summer is just around the corner and we’re encouraging everyone to make the most out of it! Did we mention we’re also giving away prizes?

Keep reading to find out more…

Join VPLS, as we kick off the month of May by challenging ourselves and others to partake in fun physical activity. Not only will participants have a community to turn to for motivation but they will also have the opportunity to win one of the most coveted shaker bottles on the market!


Each day participants will have the opportunity to win an Ice Shaker bottle, given away each business day within the month of May. Additionally, participants will also have the opportunity to win the Grand Prize, an Ice Shaker bottle plus additional fitness goodies provided by Nutrishop of Tustin and Orange.


 Participants can enter once a day, per the guidelines below.


That’s right!

Give us a shameless selfie and show us your game face as you partake in a physical activity.

Tag a fellow co-worker or friend in your LinkedIn post and challenge them to compete in the fitness challenge!

Add #VPLSfitfam to the caption of your picture to help us verify your entry. We will also use this to gauge your participation for the grand prize.

Lastly, don’t forget to tag VPLS in your LinkedIn post. Simply type ‘@VPLS’ to mention us in your post.

We can’t wait to see what you have to share with us!

VPLS Orange County for Fitness Challenge and Ice Shaker Cup from Shark Tank


Ready for more? Participants can also walk away with a grand prize when they participate in daily physical activities, per the VPLS Fit Challenge Calendar. Take a look

To Win: Grand Prize winners must participate in each activity listed above and take a picture of themselves performing the activity. Participants must also post the image on LinkedIn, tag VPLS, and use the hashtag, #VPLSfitfam.

Thanks to local fitness sponsor, Nutrishop of Orange and Tustin, participants will also have a chance to take home handfuls of fitness goodies, such as BCAA supplements, protein powder, and much more!

If you’re an avid Shark Tank viewer, you know we’re referring to none other than the Ice Shaker Steel Bottle by Chris Gronkowski.

Check out this clip on the Ice Shaker bottle!

VPLS Orange County and Los Angeles County California

VPLS would like to remind everyone to stay safe and be mindful of others to prevent possible injuries. We want everyone to have a good time but that should not come at the cost of your own safety!


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