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What is a DDoS Attack?

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A DDoS attack can be much worse than a simple DoS (Denial of Service) attack, because unlike a DoS attack, its DDoS cousin is generally launched from multiple computers and multiple Internet connections, and these attacks are very often global in scope, being distributed by botnets. If your website were to be victimized by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, it could be completely engulfed by junk data, and shut down by the sheer inability to handle all that incoming traffic. Of course, there would be no way to halt the attack either, because it would be impossible to block any single address thought to be the culprit. So what can be done to prevent the possibility of a DDoS attack on your company servers?

Kinds of DDoS attacks

There are several types of DDoS attacks which criminal-minded individuals can unleash on unsuspecting websites, and all of them will result in major downtime if the site is not protected somehow. The first type of DDoS attack is a straightforward traffic attack, in which tons of data packets are sent directly to the target website, some of which are malicious in nature, and are intended to penetrate network security for the purpose of exploiting the site.

Bandwidth attacks are those which unleash tremendous volume of junk data against a site, resulting in a huge loss of bandwidth and network resources for the website. Another very popular type of DDoS attack is the application attack, which targets the applications layer of a website and leaves it without critical applications to carry out normal functions. There are other types of DDoS attacks as well, but all of them involve overwhelming system resources in some way with unwanted and illegitimate data, such that the network is unable to handle the huge increase in traffic, or is left without valuable resources which are needed to carry out important system functions.

Why Krypt is the Best Anti-DDoS Solution

Because most DDoS attacks involve directing massive amounts of junk packets or other data at an intended victim site, any really effective solution would need to be able to handle that overwhelmingly excessive data, so that system resources don’t become bogged down and rendered useless. For this reason, there is nothing which works better for your Bare Metal and Cloud Server equipment than Krypt’s anti-DDoS solution – right from the moment that the origin traffic is detected, it is re-directed to scrubbing centers all around the globe.

This allows up to 1800 Gbps of traffic to be handled, and all the bad traffic is filtered out of those transmissions, so that only clean, relevant data is forwarded back to Krypt servers, where your company’s network has been situated. Clients of Krypt can select the level of traffic-scrubbing coverage which suits their budget and their circumstances, and rely on the fact that there will never be any flood of data which reaches their servers, to cause traffic problems resulting in downtime.

It's Simple...Choose Krypt!

Krypt was originally founded back in 1998, in Newport Beach, CA, and was at that time focused on providing web and shell services for clients. Because the company had a staff of extremely experienced and knowledgeable professionals, Krypt quickly became an industry leader and expanded its service offerings to become a full-service hosting provider. With two headquarters locations in Orange, CA and Bangkok, Thailand, Krypt has now become a global company capable of providing the very best web hosting services on the cloud. Contact Krypt today to learn about the many other services offered by the company in addition to top-notch protection against DDoS attacks.

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