Veeam Backup and Replication Services with VPLS

The Importance of Securing Local Data

Veeam Backup Replication

VPLS and Veeam Combine Forces

In the effort against cybersecurity threats and data loss, VPLS and Veeam are teaming up to provide customers the best in Data Backup and Replication services.

Here are a few reasons why you will want to shield your customer’s personal and financial data through VPLS and Veeam!


 Disaster Recovery


When it comes to your company’s backup and recovery needs, it’s important to secure and prepare for any event or disaster that may happen.

Hawaii Missile Alert

Hawaii Missile AlertTake for example the event in Hawaii, when an alert of an incoming missile was issued by an employee who accidentally pressed the wrong button that caused panic to spread throughout the island. While the incident was accidental, the consequences for unaccounted human error were devasting.



Bad Rabbit Malware

Bad Rabbit Malware and Ransomware

Or, when malware Bad Rabbit, targeted Ukrainian and Russian media organizations, causing entire systems to become infected with ransomware. The cybercriminals responsible for the attack demanded payment in the form of Bitcoin, racking up thousands of dollars in mere minutes.



The above examples act as solid reminders that the best solution against multitudes of cybersecurity threats are prevention and intervention. Secure your company’s future through multiple security measures and a thorough backup plan.


Veeam Cybersecurity and Data Recovery

Veeam Backup and Replication


To tackle these and other cyber threats, companies are ensuring their local data with data recovery services offered by Veeam.

Veeam Backup and Replication offers a great solution to verify recoverability of backups, instant recovery and testable upgrades within an isolated environment before implementation can commence. All of which are offered at a reasonable cost, tailored to fit your budget.

A few features worth mentioning are:

  • Cybersecurity solutionsVirtual and Physical Backup Services
  • Cost-effective Options (Purchase or Rental Services)
  • Automatic Recoverability Testing
  • Built-in WAN Acceleration
  • Unlimited Scale-out Backup Repository
  • One-Click Disaster Recovery 
  • Access to Veeam Cloud Connect for fast, secure, cloud backup
  • Recovery and eDiscovery for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory
  • And much more!



 Test Veeam Backup & Replication for Free!

Discover the many features of Veeam Backup and Replication and test the product for 30 days.

The free trial includes access to all features without any limitations.

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