New Reseller Panel Added to Vault

We have added a new Reseller Inventory Panel to our Vault control center. The Reseller Inventory list allows all our Resellers to view our entire server stock as well as any Rapid Deployment servers. Rapid Deployment servers are already pre-configured servers that are ready to go within 30 minutes! Resellers can simply order these by the server name based on their desired specification!

New X5472 Packages

We received another shipment of a new Xeon X5472 package that we will be offering for both and (Crystal Package). The X series Xeon CPU from Intel is unique in that the processor can be overclocked because the CPU multiplier is unlocked but you pay a small price of added heat output. We won’t be overclocking any CPU’s though to preserve longevity of the processor  =)

[youtube fChF57vhYyU]

New Krypt Website Launched!

Hey Everyone!

Today we have released our new and improved Krypt Website!  We have been building this for months and are excited to say it is finally LIVE!  Go ahead and navigate around the site to see what we have to offer!  Our web team has been putting in countless hours towards the launch of the site and I have to say, they have done a fantastic job!

Any feedback you have or bugs you find, please let us know!

Stay cool guys!

Welcome To The Official Blog

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the new blog! We’ll be updating this daily with the latest in new hardware, tours of our datacenters and offices, tips and tricks to managing your server, and much much more! We’re very excited to start interacting more with our customers and sharing everything we know with them to make their experience with Krypt more comfortable and relaxing.

To start off, I think I will go ahead and introduce myself a little bit just so you know who you’re talking to here. My name is Chris Geiger and I am a software developer at VPLS Inc. I develop our internal systems for managing the thousands of servers we have in our datacenters. Many of my projects involve creating graphing tools and many other tools to help improve productivity for the employees here at VPLS. I started here at VPLS in 2007 and have watched an amazing company grow from a mom and pop company into a huge enterprise. When I first started we were only at a few hundred servers with one datacenter. Two years later and we’ve hit the multiple thousand mark with 4 datacenters!

I hope you all stay tuned into our blog for lots of updates about our datacenters, hardware, and special coupon codes!

In my next blog post I will give you a tour of our Orange office!