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Offsite Backups with Veeam Cloud Connect

These days, offsite backups are an absolute must, both for protection from disaster at your business, and in the event that a security breach occurs on your network, with your data assets then held hostage. While both of these situations might seem like remote possibilities, or an extreme case that only happens in the news, the truth is that at any time of the day and on any day of the year, it can happen to you and your business. If either one of those ‘remote’ possibilities should strike at your company, Veeam Cloud Connect can literally be a life-saver, and can save you from having to endure days of downtime, or something even worse.

Backups with a Company You Trust

If you already have Veeam installed at your facility, you know the value of an ‘always-on’ network, and making your enterprise goods and services available to clients around the clock – AND, you are ideally positioned to take advantage of Veeam Cloud Connect backup services offered by VPLS Inc., the company which has a long list of impressive credentials as a service provider.

When you are storing your priceless data assets off-site, you want to choose a provider which has geographic redundancy built into its physical location strategy – like the seven distinct sites VPLS has. And you probably want to put your trust in a company that hosts more than 10,000 servers and over 5 million websites – like VPLS Inc. does. And you may feel pretty comfortable about storing your backups with a company whose engineers hold more than 300 certifications in network-related areas of expertise – like VPLS engineers do.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup with VPLS Inc.

The VPLS Veeam Cloud Connect backup service provides a point-to-point private link between two public networks, eliminating the need for VPN tunnels. In-transit data is protected by 256-bit encryption, so there is no point of vulnerability, either while stationary or during transmission. Assuming your business is already a Veeam-user, you can have total visibility into any Veeam Cloud Connect job which you’ve initiated, which lets you know the status at any point in time. Should the occasion call for it, you will also have the capability of initiating a restore from the Cloud Repository to quickly resolve any issue you may have with security or data corruption.

If disaster should befall your enterprise, your disaster plan can be centered around starting up a VM in the VPLS data center which is geographically closest to you. Your Veeam Cloud Connect service will also allow you to take advantage of replication speeds which are 50 times faster than normal, while also using just a fraction of the bandwidth you would otherwise require.

Faster replication, reduced bandwidth, VPLS company reputation for being ultra-reliable, skilled professionals, and world-class support – you get all this when you choose VPLS Inc. as your Veeam Cloud Connect service provider. If you need any more convincing that VPLS Inc. is the provider you should be working with for your critical offsite backups – the company’s ultra-fast response times, high ethical standards, and impressive record of first-class customer service has earned VPLS an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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