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The managed network service provider market is booming. Each year, more and more organizations are looking for managed IT services to take the burden off their own team and increase efficiency. With managed IT services, you can be confident that your business will not suffer from downtime or security breaches. But how do you know which is the best managed network service provider to choose for you? In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of managed networking and outline some factors to consider when choosing a managed network service provider for your enterprise business.

The Benefits of Hiring a Managed Network Service Provider

A managed network service provider can help save your business from costly time loss, network failures, and even hardware failures. From an enterprise business standpoint, this avoiding this risk can save millions of dollars over time. With managed IT services, you don’t have to worry about the intricacies and complexities of managing a large team for support either.

Choosing a managed network service provider can be complicated if you’re unprepared, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing a managed network service provider for your enterprise business:

Size of the managed IT services company

Smaller networks often need less support and attention than larger ones. When determining your needs, take into account the size of the managed IT services company and what they offer. Large providers, like VPLS, will offer solutions for companies of all sizes. Some smaller managed network service providers, however, are not equipped to handle enterprise needs or timeframes.


How much are you willing to pay for managed IT service? The value of the service is highly dependent on the cost-effectiveness of what they provide you. Overpaying or cost-cutting can lead to inefficient execution, which is ultimately counter-intuitive to the purpose of the service.

Geographic location and time zone

Does your team work in different parts of the world in varying time zones, or a single office location? A good enterprise managed network service provider can ensure that all employees have access to their data, regardless of where they are located.

IT team size

The managed network service provider should be able to scale their services to your company’s needs, regardless of size.

How to Optimize Your Enterprise Business at Scale

An enterprise business has a lot of moving pieces and therefore requires a scalable, adaptable managed network service provider. A top managed network service provider can provide managed PCs, server rollouts, network upgrades, or all of the above at volume. The ability to scale up or down with speed, efficiency, and risk mitigation is what adds the most value in the enterprise space.

Enterprise-focused managed network service providers will also monitor your environment to ensure optimal network performance and seamless workflow. The best managed IT service providers have teams of experts with advanced experience in an array of technologies and processes which they can leverage for optimization at nearly any scale.

The best managed IT providers will optimize your network environment with efficiency and cost-effectiveness at top of mind. They’ll work to ensure that you have the right team in place for any size project or need. Whether it’s a full overhaul or a systems upgrade, your managed network service provider will be up to the task with precision.

Why VPLS is the Best in Managed Network Service Provider Solutions

VPLS is a veritable one-stop shop when it comes to optimizing your enterprise with a managed network service provider. VPLS has been a worldwide leader in dedicated managed IT services for nearly 25 years, currently hosting 68,750 servers and well over 5 million websites. In addition to being cloud and managed services experts, VPLS is also a national provider in internet infrastructure in 18 strategic markets worldwide. Additionally, VPLS has built a client base of 7,340 businesses, each with different needs, goals, and project scopes. Whether you’re looking to optimize your enterprise business for the future, or starting from scratch, VPLS has you covered.

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