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Data centers are an essential component of business operations. In recent years, as businesses scale, the need for around-the-clock technical support and accessible managed services has become equally critical.

With the recent acquisition of ZR Systems, VPLS has expanded its presence in the Pacific with the addition of a Hawaii data center as well as a Hawaii-based engineering team capable of supporting managed services both in Hawaii and the rest of the Pacific Islands.

VPLS has the Pacific covered from California to Hawaii, across the Pacific Islands to the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. VPLS is actively serving two-thirds of the world’s time zones, with our staff in Hawaii functioning as the bridge between the mainland US and Southeast Asia. In addition to the Hawaii team, VPLS has a staff of over 30 in Thailand with a 24/7 Network Operations Center that can service Southeast Asia. Together, our teams have the Pacific covered from West to East in over 15 different time zones.

Built on a durable network, reinforced by a reliable and secure fiber pipeline, our Pacific presence provides effortless high-speed connectivity from California, through the Pacific Islands, all the way to South East Asia. The VPLS Hawaii team can service customers with any of the services and solutions we provide in the mainland, including network engineering, data center refreshes, firewall and security, video and collaboration, server virtualization, as well as backup and disaster recovery implementation.

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