PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fights hackers and cheats for better game play.

Dire Consequences of Cheating on PUBG On the Rise!

PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fights hackers and cheats for better game play.

The Public Enemy of PUBG

Leave it to cheaters to take the fun out of popular PC games.

Cheaters are running rampant on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (famously known as PUBG) by gifting themselves the unfair advantage during gameplay, and as if that wasn’t enough, cheaters are also profiting from their hacks on PUBG.

To better understand the reason behind all the unnecessary cheating, let’s dive into the world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds!

PUBG Cheaters and Hackers on the Rampage

PUBG has a storyline similar to one you may have already heard of, Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games.

Much like the book, players start off with a team of four (including themselves), then proceed to fight and kill team members of the opposite team until only one player is left standing. The surviving player’s squad takes the win and all the glory that goes with it.

Sounds fair enough, right? Think again.

PUBG hackers and cheaters You may be wondering, “How exactly are these hacks taking place in PUBG and how do they affect me?

Cheater, Cheater, Virtual Hate Eater!

The problem that hackers and cheaters pose to the game lies in the permissions and advantages (aka hacks) to which their avatars are allowed, thereby causing unfair capabilities against other players.

These hacks include the use of an aim bot, which automatically targets your weapon so you never miss a shot. Additionally, PUBG cheaters are granting themselves the ability to teleport anywhere within the game, and also use a wall hack to allow their avatar the ability to see and walk through walls.

For honest players, the continuous poor gameplay can be discouraging and can even lead to temptation in downloading a few game hacks for themselves.

Cheating and hacks are so widespread that Anti-cheat service, BattlEye, has brought down the ban hammer on a total of 1.5 million PUBG players since January of this year.

…And those numbers are expected to escalate by the day.



PUBG Gamer Bluehole Studios

Reaping in the Rewards

What causes players to go through all of the trouble just to win a match? It’s simple. Money.

At the end of every PUBG game, winners are presented with prizes that can be sold for Steam Currency. Steam Currency is a universal game currency that can be used across different platforms and towards various products and services.

With endless possibilities and the extra perk of playing their favorite PC game, it will be a long time until the trend of PUBG players using cheats or hacks, runs its course.

Cheaters Never Win…

Fortunately, the rules of the real world apply to PUBG as well.

There are consequences that hackers can face in order to cheat a win in a PUBG game. Because the majority of cheaters stem from China, Bluehole Studios, the developers of PUBG, are planning to limit the number of Chinese gamers that show up on Western servers. If this restriction does not better regulate the situation, Bluehole Studios is willing to take more drastic measures to prevent cheaters from hurting PUBG as a whole.

Spiderman, Marvel Comics
Spiderman, Marvel Comics Inc.

…And Winners Never Cheat!

In conclusion, as tempting as it can be to sink to their level and win a PUBG match using your own hacks, try to keep yourself calm by remembering this notion: True winners never cheat.

While many have made a killing on PUBG, their methods are through questionable means and have caused the decline in users over time. If you are someone who enjoys the gameplay as it was developed, a fun skilled game that brings you and your team together towards a common goal, then you are victorious whether or not you receive the cash prize.




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