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Are most companies prepared in the case of a natural disaster? Will they be able to fail-over to their most critical applications to another site with full orchestration and application consistency? As a massive El Niño warming builds near the Pacific Ocean, scientist are predicting it could be the strongest ever. The Pacific Ocean is now hotter than recorded in at least 25 years, surpassing the temperatures during the record 1997 El Niño. El Niño is a weather phenomenon involving a section of the Pacific Ocean west of Peru that warms up, causing alterations in the atmosphere that can cause dramatic changes in weather patterns globally. At any point in time wether it be human error, hardware failure, earthquakes, floods, fires, or power outages these disasters can threaten the livelihood of any organization.

Graphic: A new record-breaking El Nino: how temperatures in the Pacific Ocean have broken a record

In order to branch out and provide more options for our customers, VPLS has partnered with DuPont Fabros to offer hosting from our very first east coast data center. This expansion allows our customers to now choose if they would prefer their server’s location on the east or west coast of the United States. Location is key when trying to keep your data safe from natural disasters such as El Niño.

Our Ashburn, VA data center is one of the largest data centers in the United States, boasting 360,000 square feet. Of that square footage, 176,200 square feet is a raised floor area perfect for our server requirements.

VPLS offers off premise enterprise customers with Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions such as Cloud Backup Storage and offsite replication services. Many enterprises still use tape backup services with a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of over 72 hours. With VPLS Backup and Disaster Recovery Services the RTO can be reduced to 4 hours with almost unlimited Recovery Point Objective (RPO) as this is just dependent on the amount of storage you purchase. Whether you are a current VMware vSphere virtualization customer, Microsoft Hyper-V or just using physical dedicated servers, we have a solution that can meet your needs and budget. VPLS is your partner for Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Our extensive knowledge and expertise coupled with best in class technology allows us to replicate your VM’s to our data center and provide near seamless integration and access to your data in the event of a disaster. Achieve lower Recovery Time with VPLS Disaster Recovery as a Service powered by Veeam. We incorporate our backup technologies into an onsite appliance and replicate all the data to our data centers worldwide. Our consulting engineers will work with your team to discuss which applications are the most critical in ensuring the fastest recovery time and design a scalable and efficient Disaster Recovery solution.

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  • Gold Veeam Cloud & Service Provider and Gold Solutions Provider
  • VMware and Veeam Certified Consulting Engineers to assess and document your requirements
  • Configure local backup appliance and test to your chosen VPLS Internet Data Centers
  • Provide ongoing routine maintenance of your backups and local appliance
  • Perform bi-annual tests with customers
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