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AI Paves the Way to the Future


We take for granted the amount of technology that runs our daily lives. And, as machine learning continues to flourish, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just a fantasy. Let’s take a look at how these recent developments will alter our daily routines and what’s in store for the world of tomorrow.


Every morning, most Americans will begin their morning routine with a cup of coffee brewed from an automated coffee maker, use a navigation assistant to reach work on time, advance into afternoon duties of telephonic conferences and skyped-in meetings, followed by evening texts to confirm dinners plans, and lastly end the night by setting an alarm for the next day.

Rinse and repeat.

As technology continues to play a crucial role in our everyday lives, it’s now become a race to obtain the most up-to-date technology, if it promises to makes our day even slightly more productive.

In order to accommodate our needs, we can only imagine what advances are in store for us in the next twenty years…Cue in Artificial Intelligence!


A Developing Timeline of Artificial Intelligence


Our Future in One Word: Intelligent

According to Microsoft, AI will take on the forms of digital assistants trained to anticipate our every need.They will ensure efficiency in all areas of our lives, from managing work schedules, to driving consumer vehicles, and even assisting us with social interactions. Soon, AI will handle our most monotonous daily tasks automatically, leaving us with an abundance of time.

On a grander scale, AI will become the source for many breakthroughs in the fields beyond our personal lives such as education, transportation, agriculture and healthcare. And, these impressive developments are already taking place all around the world. Teachers are customizing educational plans with these tools, vehicles are offering more eco-friendly solutions, farmers are improving their crop yields, and hospitals are reducing medical malpractice. AI is comparable to even the most competent of individuals.

But, with its many contributions to our society, is there a downside to an AI powered world?

With Great AI Comes Great Responsibility

As technology advances, it also raises concerns about safety precautions and job security. Rules and regulations under the guidelines of six ethical principles – fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusivity, transparency, and accountability – are currently being developed to best assess these related matters.

Truth be told, AI will fare best in settings that embrace change. Preparing for an AI powered world will require us to up our understanding of how our current technology- cloud computing and mobile devices – ties in with our day to day routines, so we have a better idea of what to expect in the future.
Years ago, the concept of AI seemed impossible, but now, AI is inevitable in the not so distant future.


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